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Zoosk Petsonals

I received literally dozens of views, dozens of winks. I became curious as to why not ONE lady wrote a message, NOT ONE. This simply defeats the averages. I have the exact same wording and photos on and have received several genuine letters from lady subscribers. I became curious as to what Zoosk is up to. A Google ...

Toy Anxiety
Toy Anxiety Fraud

I purchased an Action Figure (HotToys Catwoman). It was a preorder that toy anxiety wanted payment in full. I waited for almost a year for it to arrive. Prior to now (April 1,2013) they made a mistake and sent me the wrong figure. I was told to just reject the package and it would be sent back. I totally trusted them. I later ...

JKM Ribbon
JKM Ribbon Internet Scam

I ordered ribbon from this company after discussing by phone my timeline—there was an agreed delivery date as my order was for a wedding. When I received the confirmation, the delivery date was changed—I emailed and they then agreed to send it out per the time we originally discussed. My credit card was charged immediately. ...