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Zoosk Petsonals

I received literally dozens of views, dozens of winks. I became curious as to why not ONE lady wrote a message, NOT ONE. This simply defeats the averages. I have the exact same wording and photos on and have received several genuine letters from lady subscribers. I became curious as to what Zoosk is up to. A Google ...

Toy Anxiety
Toy Anxiety Fraud

I purchased an Action Figure (HotToys Catwoman). It was a preorder that toy anxiety wanted payment in full. I waited for almost a year for it to arrive. Prior to now (April 1,2013) they made a mistake and sent me the wrong figure. I was told to just reject the package and it would be sent back. I totally trusted them. I later ...

JKM Ribbon
JKM Ribbon Internet Scam

I ordered ribbon from this company after discussing by phone my timeline—there was an agreed delivery date as my order was for a wedding. When I received the confirmation, the delivery date was changed—I emailed and they then agreed to send it out per the time we originally discussed. My credit card was charged immediately. ...

James Reinhart

THredup is an online clothing resaler. The premis is you are sent a bag which you fill with high quality clothing and send back to thredup. Thredup then pays you for the clothing. However, they basically stole from me! I sent in 3 bags, about 150 items, of mostly brand new with tags Gymboree and Gap. Thredup paid me less than ...