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The company contacted me made offers of thousand plus dollars a month if I use consumer advertising to advertise the company's that are sponsoring but... They wanted 198 dollars ish plus tax about 200 dollars. Witch didn't make sense so I called back no answer. Got call back from the guy trying to say I was committing fraud ... (Douglas Pepper Lang)
I dont know what is happening to as it claims as IT Professional within 18 or something years

I have made order for about 5 months ago. 1 Nyrius NPCS-5500 and 1 Tely HD Camera from "well-professional-ed" I don't need to write down anything about it, just read it my conversation history from skype, below: [04/11/2013 3:23: 57 AM] Barry Mirzanto: Hi High Technology International, I'd like to add you ...


I completed a survey on line that did not indicate any charge. At the end of the survey, a watch was offered for $4.99 plus shipping. On my bank statement I have been charged the correct amount for the watch and have received same. I will return it if necessary. But also on my bank statement is a charge for $95.00 which was not ...