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Complaint / Review
Gerasimos Katsimalis
Mark leone creations liar selling fake goods online dangerous extortion fraud no shame

I am a victim of this fake man who lies to people who he is and sells on facebook many low quality and fake products of converse i was scammed and i fall into in lies i can not get any money back

The scammer took all I had, my money a total of almost $5000 euro. He lied to sell things to me online converse many pairs and clothes he lied i gave him the money and he did not send my stuff.

When i approach him he delete me of facebook and start to stalk me. He tell people i am wrong and he does not stop stalking on facebook me and other women and if they find out he is very psycho angry and will do everything to destroy you very sik man. He Lash out at me Smeared me and belittle me and many name bad names call my home and scare my family because i went to tell the police he got scared he will call you names Tell everyone that This is what pathological people do when their 'mask of normalcy' is pulled off of the face of them. He lies becareful he does not how to tell the truth it very bad person and other complain. He will take your money and tell people you are the bad person he does this to me do not trust him very sik person from greece. He i dont believe pax his tax in greece he lies who he is and will not stop. Many peple believe his sik lies he is charming and can send you many songs on facebook and has other profiles on facebok to cheat people of their money is very sik sik. He is not real business it is all lies and does many illegal stuff on internet and most of all time on facebook a liar took my moeny i beleieve him now i cant get nothing. Has many banks accounts and lies very sik person is not to trust must be investigated by police for fraud is dangerus to people and women who are vulnerable he is sick plays on big stories he likes you and does sik stuff. Do not go there to believe any words of his mouth is a sick liar he will convince you he is nice guy, lonely guys, misunderstood, needy; that he "LOVES" you (even though he have NEVER met you), and that he is religious full of lies. Anger he will likely get angry at you for daring to question them. Defensiveness They may try to blame you for their behavior, or try to make you think its your fault he may try to make you feel guilty for confronting him about their treatment of you and accuse you of being jealous he will usually also turn the tables by accusing you of the same things you brought up. Lies he will lie to you call you bad name if you catch his lies. He is Abuser/Narcissist/Cyberpath very dangerous low man. He will lie is sick and try to con you to make you feel sorry to pay for him he is very greedy low stuff person. Con artists Gerasimos katsimalis not real name mark leone is fake name to cover his past of lies and is on dating websites and on facebook he ask for money to cover urgent medical treatment for a family member or pay his food say he is poor person. Thief person danger to anyone who goes close do not believe his dirty mouth of lies he will tell you stories of lies. He is 'calculating sexual predator. Do not trust he does this to many women on the internet on facebook has done this many years and will not stop if he is not stopped this bad low man is liar scammer fraud low man. Beware of him. Test his words outr of his mouth do check his everythinf and he does not give your moeny back i can not get it back i loose my saving money. Its bad low dirrtty person but will act very charming this is how con artist do to vulnerable womeen ladies on internet. You loose money if you believe his lies i loose my 5000 euros i give to him he made me trust him he is good actor but if you take his mask of you will see bad person expose him he will want to destroy you as you take his big maska off his fake his mask of his face do not trust believe this pathological low man. Is sick dangerous low man beware of this gerasimos katsimalis. Mark leone fake man creations mark leone creations he create nothing good but fake stuff converse to make money on you and take it all of your money if he smells money on you will use you cheap low man andto sell and lies. Beware of this fraud man liar user bad evil low man.

Offender: Gerasimos Katsimalis

Country: USA   State: All USA

Category: Internet & Web


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