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Smile Brite, Dazzle White
Smile Brite - Dazzle White Internet money scam. Charges your account for additional items

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Smile Brite, Dazzle White... And I'm sure all the other teeth whitening products available on the internet fall into this same company's product lines. I would suggest staying away from these products for the following reasons:
#1 The "Janice teeth whitening" website/blog is a bogus page set up by the company to help sell their product. Http:// T202id=5160780739&t202kw=s Its a so-called mother claiming that 2 teeth whitening products have made her teeth whiter than anything else on the market. Its total BS. But a pretty smart marketing strategy for the company to sell twice as much products.
After I signed up for the "free trial" and realized it was a scam, I tried to find this mothers website again. I had no luck. Couldn't locate it anywhere. I just recently came acrossed it again on the internet and tried to leave a comment on the mothers website. Which, by the way, there are multiple websites all stating the same BS. I was unable to leave a comment after many attempts. My guess is that the company removes the website after having the pages up for a short amount of time in order to drive business. Then they remove it after everyone realizes its a scam. Then in a few months, they put it back up thinking that the people who saw it last time won't want to bother with it anymore.
#2 There is no "free trial". I don't understand why they "claim" to offer you a free trial for their products. They say they will only charge you for the shipping and handeling, but what they don't make clear is that they are also going to charge you monthly, starting with your so called "free trial". They will charge your account right away and put a hold on it for the "trial period". And its not cheap! This caused many problems for me and resulted in me losing more money. Plus, shipping this product doesn't cost much more than $1.
#3 Its a hassle to get your refund back. You can tell when you call the customer service number that the representative cancels many orders per hour. They claim that you can't get a refund, but can only cancel your montly product charges. Don't let them get away with that.
#4 The product doesn't even work that great. I would suggest getting the Crest White strips. I have used those in the past and they work better, if not just as good than Smile Brite. I didn't try Dazzle White because in order to get a refund I had to send it back unopened. Which I had to pay for the shipping.
#5 Some how, some way, not sure how, I signed up for some monthly online health magazine subscription. I could have sworn I declined that offer when signing up for my "free trial". But I managed to get charged for 2 of these websites, which I'm sure are the same website. I called the numbers listed on my bank statement for these charges and canceled the subscription and couldn't get a refund. I had no information on the website address, login ID or password. I never received an email stating I had signed up for this website. I don't even know the name of the website. And to top it off, I received an international charge fee. Apparently this website subscription is somewhere outside the United States.
#6 Its been a couple months since I tried this "free trial" crap, and I'm still dealing with it. What a pain its been dealing with this, or "these" companies.
If you are looking for a teeth whitening product, stay away from buying this crap off the internet. I would stick with the products you can buy in a store. Afterall, if Smile Brite, and Dazzle White was an actual product that worked...instead of a scam, you would be able to buy the product at a local store.
Some websites to look out for: Kw=white teeth&aid=23466&gclid=CILT3JS1v5wCFYlM2godJk0gng

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