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Million Dollar Body - Fraudulent Credit Card Charges

Last year around October I purchased Hip Hop Abs from the infomercial. I did not agree to any terms or extra charges to be charged to my credit card for online fact, the lady that took my order even told me that I would not get billed for any online access unless I signed in, which I never did.

In February I get a bill for $38.87 for online access that I never signed up for. I did call Million Dollar Beach Body and spoke to a girl named Kenisha that did not even answer the phone as Million Dollar Beach Body all she said was hello-I had to ask her if this was the company and she said sorry yes it was customer service. I told her that I needed to speak to a manager about a charge on my credit card and then she gave me another number to call 866-360-8282.

I did call and spoke to two people-one was Victor Alexander and I explained about the charge on my credit card-he advised me to speak to a manager and I also told him about the Kenisha girl that answered the phone so unprofessionally-he flat out told me that I was lying about her and they had no one in their department of that name-I proceeded to demand to speak to a manger and he said he would just tell me the same thing-I said I don't care-please connect me to a manger.

After about 7 minutes on hold I finally got on the phone with manager Peter Smith I explained the whole issue once more to him even about Kenisha-he then told me that he would have to review the tapes from October when I purchased Hip Hop Abs-I asked how long would that take he said it could take a while-I then asked for them to send me a survey. I never received my survey and it doesn't seem surprising to me I also asked to get a copy or listen to the copy of the tape that they had when I place the order. I still have yet to receive a copy of that tape or even heard the tape.

I called the credit card company on 4-16 because I saw the charge was still on my credit card-they told me that a letter was sent to me explaining why Million Dollar Beach Body disputed it and I had until 4-11 to re-dispute it, but I never received this letter and obviously I was 5 days late and could not do anything about it. I asked for a copy to be resent to me and they confirmed my address and I did get a copy of this letter on 4-25-08.

On 4-16 I called Million Dollar Beach Body again to dispute this charge they said that they could not take the charge off of my credit card and that I would have to call MDBB headquarters to speak to someone who had higher clearance to take the charge off so he gave me 800-306-2922-I called and spoke to Art who said he could not take the charge off and that I would have to call my credit card company about the financial charge.

I then asked to speak to a manager-he said he was on the phone and I could wait to speak to him-I said no problem. I was on hold for several minutes and Art came back to the phone and said his manager would have to call me back because he was going to be on the phone for a while. I asked what was his managers name was-he said Ajonas and he would call around an hour and an hour and fifteen minutes.

It was now 7:00 PM Central Time, and I asked him what time they closed. He told me that he leaves at 6:00 PM Pacific Time (which would be at the time his supervisor was supposed to call). I caught onto this and asked him so he will be calling after you are already closed? He responded: Well, Anjonas usually stays late. Of course he would not be there for me to bother him again. I never received a phone call from Anjonas.

This is by far the most un-customer friendly business I have dealt with, where they seemingly pass-the-buck around and hope youll give up on your request for refunds, un-authorized charges, etc. Little do they know, I guess, that this infuriates most people. As I tell people, they wont refund me $38.00 for a charge I tell them I did not authorize nor did I receive any product or service for, and they continually dispute this and will not give me my money back. That tells you everything you need to know about this company. They are a fraud!

The Million-Dollar-Body company is somehow affiliated with Beachbody but I cannot figure out how. I think that Beachbody was the original owners when I place my order and Million-Dollar-Body bought them out.

We were also unexpectedly charged on our December bill for $38.87, but we were not aware at the time. We would like these charges credited back to us as well.

If you go online, there are numerous complaints of other customers who have similar fraudulent disputes as I have.

Kennedale, Texas

Offender: Beachbody

Country: USA
Phone: 8002070420

Category: Health & Medicine


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