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Xbox 360 repair nightmare

Hello, I just thought I would share with you all my experience with Microsoft and getting my Xbox 360 repaired. I consider myself a casual gamer now at the age of 32 but when the 360 was released I was pretty into it, I purchased my 360 on Launch Day and was even number 3 on the reservation list at EB Games and also owned an original Xbox with no problems. My Launch Day system worked fine with no issues for about a year and a half then it got the dreaded "Red Rings of Death" and needed to be sent in for repairs, I called tech support and was told I would be sent a box with instructions in 3-5 days which I did and I sent the system off to Texas to be repaired, the whole process took about 2 1/2 weeks and I received a working 360 of which worked fine until April 20 when it to got the "Red Ring of Death". I was bummed out about this since I had been wanting to play GTA IV and had it reserved for months but I figured there was nothing I could do about it so I called 1-800-4MYXBOX to set up a repair, this is where the nightmare begins. I called in and was familiar with the procedure and was asked to do a few tests to my system to see if it was something I could remedy. After doing this the representative told me that I would need to send the system in for repairs of which would be free of charge, no problem, a ticket was created and I was given a Ref. Number and told I would get the box in 3-5 days, I should mention I called late Sunday night so I expected the box no later than the following Monday which was being generous. I waited till the following Monday, April 28 and called back to ask why I still hadn't gotten a box. I went through all the usual stuff then was told that all that could be done was my old ticket could be canceled and a new one created, again I would get the box in 3-5 days. I was upset somewhat and asked them if there was anyway I could get an upgrade to my shipping since I already waited 1 week through no fault of my own, the rep said he could not do that and I asked to speak to a manger to whom I was connected after about a 5 minute wait. Upon speaking to the manager and explaining to him he was apologetic but told me there was no way to upgrade shipping. He then said he could send me a Game Disc for compensation which was Project Gotham Racing 3 of which I had since the system launch, I explained I did not care about a free game all I wanted was a shipping upgrade so I could enjoy my system faster to which he again said could not be done, he then offered Viva Pinata which I accepted for my children and assured me he would mark my service order as "expedite". I felt better and ended the call fully expecting no more issues. On May 1 I received the Viva Pinata Game and expected the empty box to follow... The week went by and still no box which brings us to May 5, 2 weeks have passed since my original call and still no box to send my system out for a repair. I called again and told the rep. Rt from the beginning I wanted to speak to a supervisor, he connected me to Virne C. (whom I had a really hard time understanding btw) who I calmly told my story to, she was rude right from the start acting as if I were a bother to her and then told me she was going to cancel my old ticket and start a new one, I was furious now and I explained to her that this was the 3rd time and that it was no fault of mine so I wanted an upgrade to my shipping, she said this could not be done by her so I asked to speak to someone else who could to which she said could not be done that she was the highest person on site that I could speak with, I asked for another number to which she said there was none, I asked for an email address to which there was none! She and she alone was the highest person I could speak to and I explained again to her that I felt "let down" by MS and was really unhappy, If you can't get me an empty box how long is it going to take to fix it??? I then told her that Microsoft already had my $400 so what do they care right? She just kept saying she apologized and "Rest Assured" I would be getting my box. I then asked her a few more times to speak with someone else and also asked for other numbers or emails, again she said there was none. I then said thats fine I don't care how long it takes because when the piece of junk comes back I am trading it in for a PS3 and I will never buy anything from them again. Again she showed no concern, and I proceeded to tell her that when they did make a new console all of this horrible customer service was going to be remembered by people and that unlike the Windows World they did not have a monopoly and they were setting themselves up for failure. Frustrated I asked her what would happen in a week if I still got no box, how would it be dealt with then? She said she could not say until then! I was losing my patience so I ended the call... Again assured that in a week I would have my empty box. I did dig around online and managed to come up with a couple of things though: the number to the reapair center in Texas: 956-994-8223 ext. 2276 (of which i called and had no luck with people there, call was ended in less than a minute) and also a corp. Office switchboard given to me by an employee on the Customer Service Toll Free Line: 425-882-8080 I had to explain to them what my problem was exactly and was given this email address and told that this was the first step in the process to file a complaint: [email protected]
I hope this info helps others and I will try to keep u updated.

West Liberty, West Virginia

Offender: Microsoft

Country: USA   State: Washington   City: Redmond

Category: Electronics and household app.


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