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Lies Bad service

Over 3 years ago I purchased a 36" Polaroid flat screen television and the 5-year warranty. I was told at the time that if the TV breaks down it will either be repaired or we will get a gift card in the amount of the TV in order to purchase a new one. I was guaranteed that is was hassle free.

Two months ago my television went kaboom. There was an issue with the volume button... It wouldn't do anything but stay at the loud setting. I called the service center: the earliest they could come out was 4 days post phone call. Ok... Annoying, but hey, I want the TV fixed. The guy comes out, says he has to order the part to fix it. I ask how long... He states it will take 5-10 days to get the part in. Ummmm... We have 1 TV in the house... And will be paying for cable in the absence of a TV. I ask him... What do I do in the meantime about a TV. He says I can go rent one or buy one then return it. Hassle free?

Anyways, at 10 days, I hadn't heard from anyone so I call up (it's a Saturday). This person claims that they don't have the capability to track the item. Wtf? Ok. Then I ask to talk to someone who can track it. No one here can track the item. Wtf? Ok. I ask to speak with a manager. Response: managers don't work on the weekend. Are you kiddin' me??? I ask to file a complaint. I get transferred around for awhile then back to the same number I originally called. I ask for their managers name. They won't give it to me... They say that they are not allowed to release names over the phone. I state, "You asked for mine." They said, "It was for verification purposes." They tell me my complaint has been taken. So, I go into the circuit city store locally... They claim to be able to do nothing because the service center and them are separate entities.

My husband calls a few days later. Gets the same bullshit story I get. They keep "elevating" the situation... Whatever that's supposed to mean. After a handful of frustrating phone calls, we finally find out that our part in somewhere in California. My husband is told, if it takes more than a month, they will simply give us the gift card so that we may get a new TV.

It takes someone over a month to bring the part to our house ONLY to find out the part doesn't fit. Solution: order another part. The service man says he will call us in three days to tell us whether or not he can find the other part. I wait five days get no call... So I call him. He says he just ordered the part that day. I asked where my phone call was and he says he was busy. I explain that it takes a matter of a few minutes to look up a part. I demand for his bosses name. "C C Burnes, " he replies. I asked for her number. He only gave me the 333.2333 number.

I call the number asked to be transfered to CC Burnes and am told they don't know who she is. I then continue to get the runaround by these people. I ask to speak to a manager and am told I can't. It wasn't until I threatened with the better business bureau that I was transferred to somewhere... But I had a meeting to go to and had to get off the line. Go figure. I had to go to MY JOB and couldn't do THEIRS at the same time.

Finally, almost 2 months after the fact, the service guy calls us and states that the new part is in but it won't work. So he will contact his boss so that we can simply get a new TV.

My husband takes our TV BACK... Hassle free (really?!?!?!!?!?!)... And they merely do an exchange for another 36". They did NOT give us a gift card as we were originally told would happen and told us that they don't give gift cards for the warranty.

Basically, we were lied to the entire time we were waiting to get our TV fixed... Which never ended up getting fixed. Circuit City is full of liars who merely will transfer your call around. I still have not heard from a SINGLE person about the complaint I filed. They are possibly some of the WORST customer service people I have ever dealt with and I will NEVER buy another product from them. I will also be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I don't appreciate having mine time wasted. Thank you Circuit City for being an hassle and a bunch of lying jerks.

Lancaster, California

Offender: Circuit City

Country: USA   State: California   City: Palmdale

Category: Electronics and household app.


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