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Stevens Transport
Con Artist

Well I'm not a truck driver ; my husband is. But I wanted to share our horrible atrocious experience with unsuspecting victims. I do not like this company, before my husband signed up with them I looked up some info regarding this company. My intuition told me not to let him do it but this was something my husband had been wanting to do for 8 years and I didn't want to be the one to stand in his way! Well the day arrived for his training which was supposed to last 1-month I wasn't ok with that because all the years we've been together we never spent a month apart. (SN) in my research of this company half the stuff they have on their web is BS! The site claimed you'd be getting $350.00 for training my husband was getting $250.00! It's training that's to be expected. The site claimed their trucks are state of the Art! Bs! Ha! BS since I've been on their truck every week something is wrong with their raggedy ass trucks! The site claims they will get you home every week/month. BS! The site claims after you do 90 days on the road as a solo driver your spouse/significant other can join their ride along program! BS!

My husband was pestered almost harassed about joining their alliance team! (note) what type of company tries to force a trainee into signing a lease on a truck before they even get their first load?! My husband called me excited, he was actually considering going for it because of all the BS hype! I finally had to put my foot down & say NOOO! I smelled a rat/scam he was upset with me but I couldn't careless I just knew this was going to have us in the poor house and I was dead on! My husband spoke to a guy that had just gotten out of training & decided he was going to go for it without discussing this idiotic idea with his wife Now they are about to lose their house... The training that was supposed to last a month turned into 4 months! I was livid! But he finally did come home for 7 days than was gone again for 5 months! WTF happened to home every month?! My husband did over 90 days solo I finally was able to get on the truck with him. I was reading alot of the consumer complaintss and it describes Stevens transport scam to a T. I too read that drivers are supposed to get $25 layover he has Never gotten this. Shipping/receiving is about 1-4 days sitting their on that truck waiting to be loaded/unloaded and when you finally do get loaded they repower my husband to give it to another driver as if he's taking too long with the load he has no control over that! Everytime they repower my husband w/another driver there's ALWAYS something Wrong the trailer... ALWAYS! We've been waiting for 1 1/2 to go home due to we have things to handle. We haven't even file our taxes yet!

The thing I hate most about Stevens is their "health Benefit" they take out about $150-$200 every week from my hubby's paycheck yet we have to call to get pre-approve before we can see a doctor and they recommand their doctor! I never heard of health insurance that requires you to call before you can see a doctor! That's f*cking crazy! We haven't even received our insurance card even though we were supposed to get it 1 month after employment. Every time I call to find out if our benefit is in effect I'm told to call different numbers I'm put on hold for 45 minutes to an hour only to be told to call back because everyone was gone. I don't even know what are benefit covers because it's a different department. I'm really had it upto here with Stevens scandalous ways. My only advice to those thinking about joining Stevens: RUN! Run as fast as you can & don't look back. (SN) I read on here about Stevens charging for tickets that wasn't your fault that is sooo true, their loads are always over but they couldn't careless the cost isn't coming out if their pockets so yeah they will tell you to go ahead & drive! Don't do it! F*ck them & f*ck their load. I see people on here getting offended by others comments about Stevens scamming ways. Shut up! They are speaking the truth! Everybody is just waiting for their year so they can quit and go somewhere else... 27 per mile! I did research most companies are paying/starting drivers off 35-40 cents per mile. They work you to death my husband gets no sleep! The only person that's benefiting from your hard work is Stevens transport they should change their names to Stevens f*ckport! They better not screw with my family or they'd wish they never been put on this earth. Fu*king blood sucking parasites! I'm trying to find out if we can go to another insurance company I'm sure it would be a hell of a lot cheaper. $150 every week! We haven't seen not one doctor not because we don't want to but because we still haven't gotten our card what we got in the mail were prescription cards. I will not allow them to pimp out my husband I am a real *tch when it comes to my family... Especially when it comes to my man. I will not let anybody take advantage of him or me. These people should be ashamed of themselves... My hubby and all the drivers that joined Stevens didnt join because of boredom they applied and worked hard because they wanted a brighter future not to be scam out of money/time they don't have. Beware! Run! Run!

Offender: Stevens Transport

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Dallas
Address: 9757 Military Pky
Phone: 8667808318

Category: Education & Science


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