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Rich Dad Education Scam Wealth Intelligence Academy Whitney — How You Can Try For A Refund
Rich Dad Education Scam Wealth Intelligence Academy make it impossible for refund but this might help you

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Anyone attending the 1 day or 3 day event and purchase additional training products, offered by Rich Dad Academy & Wealth Intelligence Academy are provided a bill of sale and notice of cancellation slip to use. They are not provided the fax# required to cancel their agreement in the Florida jurisdiction where this contract binds the student.
Three fax# confirmations sent with cancellation notice

Why so many feel ripped off..
Seminar is 3 very long days lasting from 9-7pm with almost no body breaks. Guilt and fear mixed in with exhaustion from high sales pitch. Friday & Saturday you collapse into bed after a late dinner. Sunday another long day with a working lunch in the evening you leave with software included in the training package (some try it others collapse into bed) Monday morning most individuals that paid $495 for the seminar go to work.
I was exhausted Monday evening but I knew I had to cancel so I take Tuesday morning off of work in order to fed ex my cancellation overnight to arrive by midnight on the 3rd business day.

Our post office will not overnight after 2:00P.M. And my local UPS must have the letter by 5:00. So if you waited until Tuesday evening (day 2) to decide to cancel you are stuck unless you hope on a plane and deliver the item.

You do not have a fax# to cancel your registration by the 3rd business day. I also sent emails and the cancellation form... So we will see what happens

The following documentation below describes the last 72 hours I have spent trying to obtain information from this company in order to cancel and confirm enrollment, membership, financial obligations, return all materials provided, return software to this company. To cancel this transaction they suggest using certified or registered mail. They fail to inform the consumer the cancellation must be faxed to cancel the transaction.
I attended a free one day seminar from Rich Dad Education. I was required to pay $495 and sign a contract that I received cds & workbooks in order to attend a 3 day workshop to follow.

Rich Dad Education wrote in their contract a no cost 6 month trial Fast Track membership that will expire on % (no date entered). They also list a renewal of the membership prior to the date of expiration at the current renewal fee. This area is also blank with no renewal fee indicated.

At the 3 day workshop I purchase but then decide to cancel additional training classes but their staff informs me they can not reverse any transaction purchases to their advanced training classes and that I must use their Notice of Cancellation within 3 business days to cancel.

I wait until day 2 to cancel this transaction by their suggested certified or registered mail. They fail to inform the consumer the cancellation must be faxed to cancel the transaction.

I expedite by certified mail requiring a signature to Rich Dad Education at 1612 East Cape Coral Parkway Cape Coral, FL 33904. I call their toll free number listed on the cancellation contract 1-800-978-8068 but I am told I have reached their Utah office not their Florida office.

None of the phone agents will give me their name, a fax#, business location or employee id for my tracking records. I spend several hours calling all their company numbers provided asking for a fax# to send my cancellation but they all tell me they do not have a fax and they give me another phone number to try. Every phone number I am told the same thing that they do not give out their fax# their own full name, mailing location, fax numbers or company employee number for my tracking records.

When I ask for a return authorization or a confirmation #, again all the agents repeat the same thing they do not give out their name, confirmation # etc. I call my credit card company and they inform me the $34,059.46 status is in pending and would not be posted by the merchant for several more days. I call Rich Dad back to inform them I have cancelled by certified registered letter and the agent hangs up. I call back and they hang up again. When I call my credit card company they tell me the charge posted against my account. I immediately put the amount in dispute and closed the card.

My UPS cancellation notice is signed. I call the company to ask to speak with Suarez and I am told that is a women but she is not available. I ask the agent for her name but he tells me he can not give her name or a direct number for me to call. When I call back another agent tells me Suarez is a man and no longer with them.

I send two more registered cancellation letters and several faxes to several different locations and fax phone numbers that I have identified from my research through their incorporation articles.
I call 1-877-817-7377 to cancel any software package membership they want to activate after a 15-day free trial period. The agent Tom and his supervisor Rhett will not give me their full names, a fax#, their building location or any information to mail my cancellation. Eventually they give me a California address that I can not confirm even exits or is registered to the Rich Dad company as they will not give me a phone number to that location.

When I call to cancel any membership renewal obligation I am given many different phone numbers to call for my cancellation notice in many different states (California, Utah, Florida, Texas). When I call the phone agents will not give me their full name or employee #for my records or a fax # for me to use so I can send the cancellation.

I ask for a mailing address to return the workbooks and they tell me they will email me instructions and mail a return authorization# letter. I ask for a mailing address so I will return materials but they tell me they do not know the mailing address. When I ask about the fax cancellations that I have sent Stephanie (who will not give her last name) tells me they process their faxes on Thursday. I point out to her that processing fax cancellations on Thursday is outside of the 3 day cancellation window. I sent a cancellation on day two and day three in order to cancel a $34,059 training course with a registered certified cancellation carrier that recorded signature 'SUAREZ'. When I call again to speak to this individual no one knows who this is or who signed for this package delivery. They now tell me no one works there by that name.

I have witnesses and the UPS store manager placed the cancellation document into the sealed envelope before expediting it to the office they provided. I have spent almost 20 hours in two days on the phone and no one will give me confirmation. They tell me they do not know their mailing address or their supervisors name or the CEO of their company name. No one will send me an email confirmation and no one will give me an answer to the status of my cancellation refund and who is the employee that signed for the registered package. Rick Ludwitz tells me Aldolpha Suarez signed for my package and to watch my email for instructions.

UPS Faxed cancellation notice to Rich Dad Education and Equimine software & Wealth Intelligence Academy. (See documents attached) Agent tells me the Equimine web site is under construction and not available.
Tom Jenkins 1-877-817-7377 tells me he has cancelled software membership. I ask for a fax# but he says he can not give that out, he does not know his building location for me to mail and he does not know the CEO name of his company. He will not tell me anything to help confirm the software monthly billing and the fast track membership is cancelled.
This company does business under many names at the same location:
Rich Dad Education or
Wealth Intelligence Academy or
Whitney Information Network Inc 239-542-0643
Whitney Education Group, Inc 239-542-0643
1612 East Cape Coral Parkway Cape Coral FL 33904
1-800-978-8068 (Stephanie tells me this number rings to their Utah office)
1-800-570-2050 (Stephanie tells me this number rings to their Florida office)

Rich Dads Corporate offices
CashFlow Technologies Inc
4330 N. Civic Center Plaza Suite 100
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Many of these numbers I called more than once trying to cancel all financial and future charges. I have made over 45-75 calls during a 72 hour period.
Phone Numbers that I have called to confirm cancellation with no luck:
1-800-978-8068 (Stephanie tells me this number rings to their Utah office)
1-800-570-2050 (Stephanie tells me this number rings to their Florida office)
1-800-741-7877 Building Wealth
239-540-6575 Corporate Headquarters asked what position I am interested in?
1-800-238-0741 Building Wealth
1-800-956-0656 Attendance Training
1-800-916-0011 (This agent tells me she is a telemarketer who processes orders located in west Phillipines outside of the United States)
1-800-570-2070 Wealth Intelligence Academy
1-866-302-8058 Teach me to trade
1-888-831-6866 Whitney Information Network
1-800-317-3905 The Company
1-800-308-3585 Rich Dad
1-800-317-3905 Agent Dave tells me this number is Rich Dad The Company and all product returns are handled at the Scottsdale Arizona location
1-800-570-2070 WIA
1-800-978-8068 Rich Dad Education
1-800-238-0741 Rich Dad Education
1-877-817-7377 Real Estate Success
512-463-222 Tim Menor Texas Workforce commission
1-800-741-7877 Texas students
1-800-570-2050 Agent Tom Jenkins tells me my CUID# is 28167 when I call back the next agent does not know what a CUID # is and tells me they do not give them out.
1-866-601-6152 Whitney Canada The conference hotline select #2 for Rich Dad
1-800-741-7877 ext 6110 Rick Ludwick Building Wealth offered a $20,000.00 discount if I will not cancel the contract. He tells me Aldolfo Suarez signed for the cancellation package. When I call back he is angry with me and asks why I called back within 20 minutes and spoke to James Turner right after I had spoken with him on the cancellation.

Rick Ludwick calls and leaves a message for me to call him back at 1-800-978-8068 ext 6110. I do not return his call as an earlier conversation he gave me another number at the same extention.
I leave a message with Rick Ludwick and Paul Shwenwin to call me back.

Rich Dad coaching Paul Shwenwin ext. 32826 calls back wanting to setup an interview to join their mentoring for over $5,000.00 when I ask him to contact Stephanie on the cancel confirmation he tells me he does not know her.

He goes on to tell me Rich Dad Education has contracted Wealth Intelligence Academy to replace Learning Annexx and that they are two different companies. (I do not ask him why the two bills for each company give the same exact address and when you check with the Better Business Bureau it appears there is an affiliation with Learning Annexx)

Three fax# confirmations sent see attachment documenting they were sent the cancellation notice 801-269-5178,1-239-443-1997,1-239-540-6569
Spoke with Anthony who told me the Fast Track Program membership I am trying to cancel (but can not get a confirmation) is a quick way to learn educational conferences lasting 2hr at a yearly renewal of $500 cost to stay with the program.
James Turner gave me
fax# 801-269-5178
Attention Student Resolution
5245 College Drive
Murray, Utah 84123

I have a problem because the above address belongs to Russ Whitneys company which he agreed to withdraw. This address is registered to
EduTrades Inc at the same address above

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Offender: Rich Dad Education Scam Wealth Intelligence Academy Whitney — How You Can Try For A Refund

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Cape Coral
Address: 1612 East Cape Coral Parkway
Phone: 8005702050

Category: Education & Science


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