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Elove/Together Maryland
Elove/Together Dating is a scam

Do NOT fall for any sales pitches, do NOT fill out their initial profile, do NOT go in for a meeting. This is a scam and you would fare better at a popular free dating site that has "plenty of" catches (that's where I found the woman who is now my wife). I would think living near DC, Baltimore, and Northern Virginia, they could ...

Confirio dating site is a scammers' site

I joined the dating site 3 days ago and I knew there was something fishy within minutes of logging in. I have (in the last few days) rigorously investigated about 300 "women" on that site and can say comfortably that about 280 of the women I checked were easily identifiable as scammers and/or fakes (by checking ...

Loi Villarama Events Management
Thank You

Hi mrs bride:) Thank you for your feedback... We appreciate client feedbacks for this gives us an opportunity to make room for improvement to serve our clients better:) For purposes of verification may i know your name, your wedding date, church and preparation venue? This would help us in back-tracking about the incidents ...