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Stay away from this website

First, most of what is said on here is true. Let me explain how and scam you. They state that they do not give out personal info to protect the girls. This is crap, how is knowing a girls email or having it delivered directly to her not private! Second, you do not need translation, other dating sites ...

Phishing, and spaming

My message to SocialBot; I ought to sue you! After I downloaded your pesky app I smelled a rat and threw it away. I don't take kindly to apps that are just stealth spys that gather up / (with out proper consent!) information on peoples friends, so that that BOT can use MY NAME to tell people I SENT YOU! You know I didn't spam ...

Untrue dating site
Use of unreal users

They have such a long user agreement and don't ntice it till you see it in some remarks on some of the profiles. They have this listed in the terms and agreements. While just a non-paying member with limited access, I receive all these emails which appear to be legitimate with local cities, but you have to pay to email them ...