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Complaint-review: David long - Creepy ugly weirdo who abuses women on dates

David long
Creepy ugly weirdo who abuses women on dates

David long is some weird ugly white trash freak you can meet online - he is skinny ugly trashy looking and has no manners. He acts awkward and weird and treats women strangely. He is obviously an insecure ugly weirdo who can't get a woman so he goes on dates just to bash women for sport and try to put them down b/c he's so ...

Complaint-review: - Lies and Deception Exposed
Lies and Deception Exposed

Do not believe this dating site when it says that it is in fact truthful. One person who happens to be a reviewer elsewhere exposed this site in this following way: "Reviewer: Greg M. Title: The Holy Grail of scam sites! Well, I finally found it - the Holy Grail of scam dating sites! A site that is 100% fake, with not ...

Crystal Jade Vistar

Crystal Jade Vistar represented herself as a decent, Born Again Christian girl but I later found out this was not the case at all. This little Tramp presented herself to be someone who only had one Boyfriend in her life who cheated on her with another Woman whom he got pregnant because she would not let him ejaculate into her ...

Complaint-review: Clinton mc lean - Serial date scammer

Clinton mc lean
Serial date scammer

This person is a scammer asks for large sums of money and presses for personal log in information says hes is in military and wants out to be with you. Gave him a log in to a junk email and where he told me he was is not where tbe account was accessed. Becareful of this man he also has facebook accounts that pop up LEAN ...