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Campus Corner 1. HR told me these were people intersting in going to school. She lied. 2. They told me to lie and tell the customers I'm from CA. 3. There system not set up right. 4. The company is a scam

1NWContact is not an honest company. The HR manager told me that they work with people who are interested in going back to school. That was a lie. They have people in there system who do not want to go to school. They also have elderly people in there system. My question is where they getting these people information from. It's ...

1nw Contact
Bait and Switch

This company makes prospective employees go thru all sorts of testing, and they make them purchase equipment they can hardly afford; they offer $10.00 per hour plus incentives and bonuses on their craiglist ad, but then when it comes time to sign the contract the hourly pay is $9.00 per hour, then they promise they will start ...