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Integretal - The Billing Source - Nationwide Voice Mail
Integretal - Nationwide Voice Mail ripoff fraudulent billing for services not ordered

I recently switched to SBC because they promised me my bill would only be 33.00. When I received a larger bill, I started looking for the exra charges thus finding the Nationwide VM charge of $17.23 for Nationwide Voice Mail services not ordered. Called SBC and they said they could not take it off the bill and that I should ...

Integretel, Music Of Faith
Ripoff Interenet

I noticed in this months Verizon phone bill that I had a charge from "Integrete" for $16.21. I had no idea what this was. I called Verizon and they explained that it was a third party biller and they gave us Integrete's phone number. We called them and they explained that they are just a billing service for several companies. ...

Nationwide Voice Mail - IntegreTel
Nationwide Voice Mail And IntegreTel ripoff Fraudulent billing, dishonest, steal your personal information off the internet when you are purchasing something else

I have a serious complaint regarding this company. They have been charging my phone bill $12.95/mo since January 2003 for a voice mail system I do not have nor signed up for. I have no idea how they got my information, ie phone number, birthdate, mothers maiden name. But they have stolen it from somewhere while I was purchasing ...