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HSBC Retail Services
This company is raping their customers with intereste rates above 27% and making it difficult to pay debt off

I purchased living room funiture back in 2000 and I am still paying a credit card bill each month. This company raises the interest rate to 28% which should be addition they charge all these fees so that your balance goes up so you can't get ahead. First with overlimit fees and then late fees and God knows what else. ...

Another ripped off custome

I purchased items from Oak Express and Denver Mattress in May of 2007 under the financial agreement and terms of 18 months nopayments/same as cash. HSBC illegally changed the agreement and then started charging me late fees. Since there were two purchases made on the same day within the same retail company, they changed one of ...

Levitz Furniture, HSBC Retail Services
Levitz Furniture Levitz Furniture has turned my account over to HSBC Retail sevices and has cancelled my promotion that terminates in January, 2009

I purchased a sectional sofa on August 24,2006 with a Levitz credit card. I had deferred payment until January 29,2009. I also purchased a dresser in August, 2007, with three months deferred payment. The purchase price for the sectional is $2,616.00. The purchase price of the dresser was $558.00. As of December, 2007, the ...