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The Results Group
Ripoff, huge scam!

I invested over $4,000 w/this "company" and never made a penny back! I even tried my own on-line advertising (as they suggested) and never even got a nibble. I was at least hoping to make my investment back, and was promised that I would easily double it. I really wish there was a way to go after them to get my money back, even ...

The Results Group
Took My Money and Ran

In August of 2005 I was home recuperating from an operation that had left me pretty tired and unable to go back to work. Our finances were tight and I got a call from someone called Moses who had a great plan to make money. He mentioned and some poker gaming website along with another poplular website. You would ...

The Results Group
Fraudulent business ripoff

I signed up with The Results Group, LLC on 12/01/2005 for a home-based business as an advertiser in liason with I paid a fee for the set-up information and an additional fee for the advertising package. Purportedly, I was supposed to receive a percentage of all internet purchases at going through my ...