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The Results Group - Mike Martin
Windowsbargains serpents like Satan, homewreckers, fraud, rip-off, theives, selfish, greedy, deceitful, criminals

I was deceived into believing that purchasing a $7900 package for 40K guaranteed leads would bring me $3000-4000 a month by a lead Matt Joseph (I'm sure it's an alias) dropped me. He also told me not to tell my husband until the money starting coming in then he wanted me to write our success story. I didn't listen and told my ...

The Results Group
Promise Results with my investment

Well stupid me, after they called and talked me into signing up I called back. When I could not reach the sales person with the number he had given I called again. This time I called fraud on them but they already had my money. I call my bank and canceled my credit card. Shortly after I received a call from the results group ...

TRG Internet Solutions, The Results Group, LLC
TRG Internet Solutions Aka The Results Group, LLC Built Web sites & advertising with money back guarantee to produce sales, no sales, would not refund Ripoff

Eceived calls offering to build 3 web sites and provide advertising support for 1 year with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. The cost of building the web sites was $299 and the advertising cost was $2,500. I signed up on Jan. 30,2006 and paid the above costs on Feb. 7th and Feb 13th. I have the receipts. They ...