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Pikewood Manor - somer & sons
Ripoff fraud

Renting a trailer during our catastrophe, pikewood rented a trailer to us to live in while house was rebuilt. The trailer was smelly, floor gave out in living room. They even had a pickle jar to hold the drain line up in the kitchen sink. Doors broken would not stay closed. Electrical outlets that did not work. Had to clean ...

PikeWOOD Manor/Sommers Mobile Homes
Pikewood Manor, Sommers Mobile Homes Being Evicted over Trouble making Neighbors & Over-Charged for Moving Mobile Home! Mistreated and ripped off

DO NOT, I repeat, NOT, Rent or Buy a Mobile Home on Debby Lane (off West 3rd St.) in Elyria, OH!!! Beware of a Tenant: George & Alice Vinsick at 551 Debby Lane! They report EVERYTHING you DO & SAY to the Owner (Mr. Kent Sommers) & thier FRIENDS: Manager Marie Mercer!!! If they don't like you, THEY WILL GET YOU EVICTED!!! They ...