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Phillip Adams, Phillip Randolph Adams
Con artist

Mr. Adams approached me at a grocery store. I was wearing a promotional t-shirt for a business I do (selling fruit juice) and he acted interested in the health benefits of the juice and distributing the product as well. We exchanged info for business networking purposes only. After inviting Mr. Adams to a company event to ...

Randolph Phillip Adams - Phillip Randolph Adams - Phillip Adams, -Phillip Michael Adams - Dexter Charles
Randolph Phillip Adams - Phillip Randolph Adams - Phillip Adams - Phillip Michael Adams - Dexter Charles Ripoff CON Artist in Alpharetta and Atlanta

His bio as he would tell you is: He attended Pennsylvania State University and Harvard University and that he had an MBA from the Wharton School of Business. He also said that he had made "millions" working at a Jewish bakery in Philadelphia. He also drives a Range Rover. Bottom line he will tell you he is a business man. ...