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I was offered a trial of the product Free, with a couple of dollars for shipping and nothing else. I received one sample and then I got my credit card statement and it charged me $78.41. When I called

I was enticed thru a website advertisement for a sample trial of the BellaBrite Product. I was required to put my charge card number in for a "minimal shipping fee". This was on August 24th. I received the "FREE" sample product the following day on my doorstep. Today, August ...

Scam! Add on internet states "Free Trial Kit, Just Pay 1.00 for Shipping" DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR DEBIT/CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. 94.00 HAS BEEN CHARGED TO MY CARD! Stated in terms and conditions under Internet

I saw an add on the internet for a risk free trial for a bellabrite kit, just pay 1.00 for shipping and handling. Within a few days I received the kit with a three day supply included. There was not a packing slip included to state what should be included or a receipt for my payment. I was checking ...