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Transunion Credit Score
They charged me for this month $29.95 then come few days later & charged me 16.95 i called them & they were suppose to refund me that $16.95 & cancel my acc. With themshe give me an a number to verify

I done the free credit report i got equfax & experions report but could get transunion report i emailed them first & told them to cancel my account just like i did with the other two they didn't cancel me like they were suppose two i checked into my online account like i do all the time they charged me the $29.95 plus a $16.99 ...

Deceptive monthly billing

On 6/14/2012 I requested a credit report from TransUnion in reply to an email sent to me suggesting that I could view my credit report. On 6/14/2012 I received a confirmation order with $0.00 subtotal, $0.00 Sales Tax, $0.00 Total, which confirmed for me that what I was getting was a free credit report - one I wanted because ...