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Las Vegas Athletic Club
Day care VERY POOR

Hi: Our title is Adam Alberico and that I am an associate of LVAC. I've been an associate for some decades off and on today. Lately I'd a young child who's arising on a single yrs old in a couple of days. I visited LVAC a couple weeks before (a couple of days before christmas) and slipped off my kid cooper, in the LVAC ...

Las Vegas Athletic club
Lvac not living up to contract

Hello: My name is Adam A and I am a member of LVAC. I have been a member for a few years on and off now. Recently I had a child who is coming up on one years old in a few days. I went to LVAC a few weeks ago (a few days before thanksgiving) and dropped off my child cooper, at the LVAC daycare. While working out I watched ...

Las Vegas Athletic Club
Will not allow me to cancel my membership with a Dr's note stating I am unable to workout because of medical reasons, they will not except note!

I became unemployed and shortly after fractured my ankle and I am still unable to use it properly due to it healing wrong. When I contacted Las Vegas Athletic Club, they said I needed a note from my primary care doctor stating so. I have since then gotten the note and it states that I am unable to continue gym activities for ...