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Integretel Inc
Don't know who they are. Did not order service. Do not want service. I want my money back. On fixed income. How can they do this. Never heard of them until they charged me on my phone bill. Please help

I recieved my regular phone bill and there is a charge on it that shouldn't be there. My phone company doesn't know who they are either. It is for Integretel Inc. Don't have any idea who they are and why I'm being charged 18.83 plus tax on my phone bill. I have not authorized this but the phone co. Can't take it off my bill. ...

Unauthorized charges

My AOL bill was ended yesterday. I'm informed that it's due to a "conditions of support" breach. I'm informed that's feasible due to "char space" exercise. I've never visited a chatroom. I've been with AOL for 13 years. They don't possess a live individual who may discuss this. There's not current email address to document an ...

Bad service

I popped my phone statement and envision my shock after I noticed one more cost of $15.40! It had been from the business called Integretel a so-called 800-number service strategy. I never registered for the program. I never received any reputation or verification to be signed up for this strategy. I've required an instantaneous ...