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Class Action

Please if anyone here is an Attorney and wants to start a class action again Certegy/equifax let me know througfh my email. I am game. I am not going to write a long drawn out story that needs to be heard in the law of the courts not here. What they have done to me is criminal, jail time for there ...

Ray Purselley
Scam artist

Ray Purselley made an offer to do major construction on my house. He said his business was called Horizon Devco llc in Scottsdale, Arizona. Said his office was on 9832 N Hayden Lane, Suite 217. Before I hire anyone to do major construction, I thoroughly research the company, reviews, and the owner. ...

Metabo Green Coffee
Consumer Report

I had ordered metabo green coffee. They kept on sending me shipment over 3 months and when i called them to ask why they are sending then they said their agreement is to send every month. When asked for refund they are willing to refund only one product. I personally believe that their policy has ...

Lipo Slim Extreme
Consumer Report

I orderd the 2 week trial and it took almost 4 months to recieve the product, it was sitting at the border. I am canadian, so when i called the company they said they couldnt do anything about it. I told them they should tell the canadians that! They never gave me a refund. I will NEVER order from ...