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Scotia Financial Services
Consumer Report

On July 15 I got an e-mail from Scotia Financial Services saying I had been approved for a loan of $5,000 which I was grateful for because I had a low credit score and I really needed the money. After calling them and discussing the loan terms and all of that, I was e-mailed a loan agreement and ...

Consumer Report

I had a charge against my debit card from this company after they had sent me a set of CD's, that I didn't order. I did not give any one permission to send me any additional CD from Pimsleur organization. I had ordered the 9.95 tapes and recieved them. So my complaint is they are "crooks" ...

Consumer Report

In July I ordered Spanish Learning CD for 9.95. I received the Spanish Learning CDs and that's the end. Few days later I received another package containing same set of CDs but in Golden Edition pack. On 08/31 I saw a charge for $64 and I have no idea for what I was charged. ...