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AHS - American Home Shield
Continued to send contractors out to verify my furnace was dangerous, emitting carbon dioxide. I put up with 40 degree house temp for several days. Does anyone know the status of the class actio

AHS continued to want to send technicians out to inspect my after a tech had written that my furnace should not be used, as it was emitting carbon monoxide. I was forced to continue using this furnace, emitting carbon monoxide. I live in Chicago, and my house was at 40 degrees for several days. All ...

American Home Shield
Home Warranty

I have had AHS for 10 years. Every time I call on them for help with a covered item the story is always the same...'its not covered' or 'its not an emergency'. My AC has gone out every summer for the last 4 years. AHS sends a tech out who patches the problem but never 'fixed' the problem. Finally I ...