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Galleria USA - MWI Galleria Usa - PrivacyPlus - Memberworks
Galleria USA, MWI Galleria, PrivacyPlus, Memberworks Inc ripoff! Unauthorized charge on debit causing excessive bouncing fees

I went on line to balance my checking account in mid December. I found that I was was negative $504.00. I called the bank and they told me Galleria USA charged my debit card $139.95. This account was a business account and only used for small purchases. I called the company and they credited my ...

MWI Privacy Plus

MWI Privacy Plus offered me a deal through for a free credit report with a $1.00 processing fee. I was charged this fee but never recieved the report. Two weeks later I was charged another $13.65 out of my bank account. There was no explaination for this nor was it authorized. As ...

MWI Connections
Ripoff scam

My husband and I recently received a bill from MWI Connections and they charged our account for $96.00. Why would anyone do this... It goes to show that people will do anything just for money?! I have no idea who this company is and where they got my account #. I really hate that a company has to ...

Mwi Galleria Usa

Dear Reader, My name is tina and I am 23 years. Recently I went to my bank and found $139.95 withdrawn from my bank account from MWI Galleria USA. I made a call today on November 25,2002 to confront the company on refunding my money but all the response i got from them was sales. They were only ...