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Lewiston & Burke Financial
Consumer Report

I received an offer by phone for a loan of $7200. I had been looking for a smaller amount than that, but decided to follow through on the call. I spoke with Michelle Ferguson, who told me I had been approved for this loan. I would however need to put down the amount of $700 to secure the loan, and ...

Lewiston & Burke
Consumer Report

I applied for a loan and they contacted me. Thinking they ere for real they sent me the loan document and it looked real. I sent them the $825.00 plus the $57.50 it cost me to send. Thinking it was for real and when they asked for more money I declined and they were suppost to refund my money by ...

Lewiston and Burke Financial
Consumer Report

I applied for a loan with this company and I got an email stating I was approved for 7500.00 and the first payment was for 164.94 but i had to pay upfront 824.70 to Dawn Davis. The rep told me that money would be wired on Monday it never did I called them the whole and no answer the following week ...