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LusterWhite Ultima Patch
Seven day trail. Rec. On 10-18. They shipped another unauthorized batch on 10-18. Charged credit card $134.90. Called them on 10-19. Tough luck

I ordered what I thought was a sample of whiting tooth paste with a seven day trail. I received some plastic mouth parts on 10-18-07. I called the company on 10-19-07 to cancel any additional products. They said it was too late. They had sent a product to me on 10-18-07. So much for the seven day ...

Ultima Patch

The Ultimate Itch! If you are looking for a major allergic skin reaction try this rip-off! I still have a scar. I canceled and just received another bag-o-itch! I can't get through on the lines and I want this out of my home - permanently! Don't let these free offer artists get your bank card! ...