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TxCollect Dba CTI - Palisade - Collins Financial Services
TxCollect Dba CTI - Palisade all Are Owned By Collins Financial Services ripoff Fraudulent collection, the bill is not mine, I have proved it, they will not take off my credit report

I received a collection notice from TxCollect, dba CTI stating that I owed 212.39 for a past due ATT Wireless account from 1997, the letter was dated 8/14/2004, asking that I call a Chris Black, Recovery Manager I called and Chris Black was at breakfast. This has been going on and on and on, it is ...

Palisades Collection

Palisades Collection has sent me a letter saying i owe 1,182.99 because of an at&t wireles account when i never has at&t wireless account. Another thing the date on this the letter was november 11,2020! The year two thousand twenty? When i called at&t wireless they won't even speak to ...