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Aflac Worldwide Headquarters
Failure to pay

My husband had orthoscopic surgury on his knee. It was not caused by a specific accident. He has under gone MRI's, x-rays, & physical therapy. We filed our claim at the end of 2009. We are still fighting with them to pay the claim. We have done everything they asked of us each time they sent a ...

Non Payment

I Was encouraged to sign up at work for disability. When I was dismissed due to errartic behavior. I was diagnoised with hydrocheplas which was causing pressure in my head. I had to have a sunt installed and a drain into my abdomin. The doctor said this condition was probably present for some time ...

Short term disability rip off

I have had short term disability coverage with aflac for one year and am pregnant. I was told by the sales agent when I signed up that this would "take care of me when I was unable to work during my pregnancy and maternity leave" I was also told that the claim would be very easy and that ...