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Blockbuster Inc
Poor Customer Service

Asked male associate for videos "Skyline" and "Black Swan". He said none available and none have been returned. Looked around for other videos for about 20min. Went to register and was assisted by Lana. Saw both videos had been returned and asked to let me rent them. She handed them to me and before I could pay took "Black ...

Improper Billing

I signed up for one monthe of netflix and only one month. I signed up January of 2010. I have not used there service since continued to bill my account. I called Netflix and asked if i am not using there service why do they keep billing me. I spoke with two customer service representatives, who kindly told me it ...

Charged on cancelled account

I cancelled this account 3 years ago in october 2008 and i have been charged a fee every month sense. That is alot of money but netflix does not seem to care, i tried to talk to someone in person but they seem to give me the run around. My bank was very suprised that a reputable company such as netflix would not rectify the ...