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Complaints, reviews, scams and fraud reports

IEA Event Planning
Consumer Affairs

To Whom it May Concern... The Person or Person (s) that is writting these complaints, please leave your name and email, so that we can contact you directly In reference to our records, " Tradeshow Stats" Iea Event Planning has delivered over 16500 room nights and these complaints represent only 113 room nights of which was ...

IEA Event Planning
IEA is a scam

IEA contracted rates for Descente for our hotel over a citywide convention. The rate contracted at our hotel was $209 for 165 room speaking with the representative from Descente they paid IEA to find the rooms in Denver for a much lower rate. IEA deposited a couple of deposits (cash deposits at that so that we could ...

Blockbuster Inc
Unfair laws or regulation

I rented two movies. I received a record message from blockbuster that movies where overdue... So i returned them on the same week. Now, the company policy stated that after a month the movie will be purchased by the renter even if they dont want them... And withour consent... My question: why i should pay over 17.00 dollar for ...