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Richard Lucas Chevrolet
Richard Lucas Fraud is service I received with Richard Lucas Chevrolet

April Time is running out to take advantage of the $3,500 rebate and other incentive being offered on purchase of a new 2010 Malibu LT which ends on 04-30-10. Fact - The General Manager of Richard Lucas Chevrolet (a.K.A. Woodbridge Auto Center), Jorge R., George L.,
Jr., Jeff (Finance Manager), and Luke that met with me on 04-16-10 or 04-17-10,
mislead me to believe I did not qualify for a new car loan. And again after when Jorge R. Stated that he spoke with CHASE Bank representative who stated was not comfortable in providing me with a loan for a new vehicle, and as much
as he tried, I was again denied new vehicle purchase prior signing contract of the second vehicle on 04-21-10.

I now have with CHASE Bank an approved loan application for over $19K that I attained myself and Jorge R. Had agreed to put me in new vehicle on 04-22-10 once my loan was confirmed but once there he said he was not selling me a new car and through me out of store stating obscenities at me at which time I filed a harassment complaint after I called township police to Richard Lucas Chevrolet. A loan amount of about $15,000 appears on record with CHASE Bank system for the Certified Used Vehicle that I first signed for on 04-16-10 and returned due to mechanical issues aside fact that Purchase Sales Order had LT model and was actually provided an LS model that was worth less. There is possibly the second vehicle application in process, that I signed for on 04-21-10 after dealer took back first vehicle, and returned it on 04-22-10 for a thumping noise coming from right front of vehicle that got louder day two after dealer stating on day one when I pointed
out the issue but it was not as loud, and because the actual vehicle miles as compared to what listed on "window sticker" were more than 4,000, having car worth less than what purchased for because of their dishonesty.

After having CHASE Bank dealer representative intervene, was able to return vehicle signed for on 04-21-10, on 04-23-10 after Richard Lucas (according to CHASE Bank rep.) agreed to accept car back being told that the contract was being withdrawn. Richard Lucas Chevrolet now has both vehicles in his possession, yet George L., Jr. And Jorge R. Refused on
04-23-10 and 04-24-10 to return my $2,0000 that was to be applied towards my loan.

Having another dealer ready with the vehicle I chose today, I opened a Premier Checking account with CHASE Bank, and
was ready to set up auto-deduction when the local branch representative Suk Wan East Brunswick, NJ stated that there was a current car loan in the system with a 2009 Mailbu. The VIN provided was that of the first Certified Used
Vehicle (2009 Malibu LS) which was returned on Monday, 04-19-10 due to it not being an LT as listed on Sales Purchase Order in addition to having mechanical issues. Calling CHASE Bank today about this vehicle being on record with CHASE
Bank as a current loan, they stated that dealer was the only one that could call in to withdraw the contract. I visited the dealer to speak about this matter, and Jorge R. Refused to speak to me and instead called Woodbridge

I explained to the two officers present that my situation is that dealer needs to contact CHASE Bank's Dealer
Department to state that they want to withdraw my loan on file, and make sure that second one was not on file either, as this not being done was holding me from being able to purchase a 2010 Malibu LT elsewhere (since they refused to
sell me new vehicle). Officer returned from inside dealership with a document printed from, having listed DT ID: 118669 with Lender ID; 58520, APS # 101120929100 (Status: Pending), Officer stated that he was told I
was to contact CHASE Bank to request they call Richard Lucas Chevrolet (a.K.A. Woodbridge Auto Center). (Please note that second vehicle's VIN appears with this document 1G1ZH57B094109240, not first vehicle's VIN 1G1ZG57B09F114655 that is in system.)

I called CHASE Bank in front of officers on "speakerphone" whose representative clearly stated that it was dealer that needed to call them. Please see email (among others) below from General Manager Jorge R. Sent to me on 04-24-10 in the morning, responding to one I sent on 04-23-10 (also included below). Officer stated that he was told Richard Lucas was deciding on Monday, 04-26-10, if he was returning my $2,000 provided towards loan on 04-16-10, and with no time given, suggested I appear at opening time. I am requesting that I be contacted no later than 04-26-10, as dealer is holding a vehicle for me only through 04-27-10 and rebates totaling $3,500 are not available after 04-30-10.

"From: Jorge R. Add to Address
Book Block Sender To: Angel L. * for the last time please do not email me anymore. I called

Woodbridge pd and if I get one more email from you I will press herasmemt charges against you. We took the car back and the only person who could give you the money back is Richard L. Himself. At this point we have nothing else to talk

"This is the 20th message in two days this is called herasmemt like I told you thursday when you came in thisbis the second car you chose. I did everything I could to make yo happy and look foward to pleading my case I have over 30 emails from you and not to mention all the phone calls you test drove 3 malibu's for over 3 hours you chose the last one I fix all your request at the time of the delivery you know your rate you knew what you were paying you knew what the total finance amont finance we are 100% compient not mention I offers to take the car you purchsed in o trade in for the about you purchaesed it and you chose to turn it down. There are courts fo this if you feel we did

Something wrong. The owner will be in Saturday if you chose to speak to him but i ask yo to pleaese stop your emails this is my email and you are harrasing me. Thank you and look foward to telling my side of te story." Sent from Jorge

"On Apr 23, at 11:46 PM,
"Angel Llerena" wrote: Mr. Jorge R.: With you not being available the many times I try reaching you by phone at the dealership since your cell phone listed on your business card is not in service, only other option for me is to contact you via email. I expected to receive this $2,000 back today when I returned the Certified Used Vehicle to you this afternoon at 4:20PM. Was very surprised that you were not present when I got there, and that George L., Jr. Stated Richard L.instructed
him not to give me the $2,000.00. After being treated with nothing more than dishonesty and lack of integrity from you and your staff (except Carlos-he is
the only one that

Treated my wife and I exceptionally well), I did not expect for Richard Lucas Chevrolet to also give me a hard time
for the money I used towards my loan. Do expect a visit from me again at your dealership tomorrow Saturday, April 24, some time between the hours of 11:00AM and 03:00PM. Sincerely, Angel L."

"04/22/10- I contacted Jorge R. And told him that I was approved for $18K and he stated that if he could put me
in a new car he would, that he was not making things up. We agreed to meet within an hour, me visiting the dealer to call CHASE Bank together. When I arrived, CHASE Bank representative was on the line of my cell phone. I told Jorge R. And finance manager Jeff that representative was on the line and ready to verify my approval. Jorge R. Stated that he did not want a verbal, but something faxed instead. When I asked him for the fax number, he stated; This is * insane, you have poor credit, you know what, get the * out of here and go to another dealer to trade your car in and get a new vehicle, I am away with a new car day one.) I mentioned that he had mislead me all of this time with the loan status for a new car. Also told him that their sales and marketing tactics of listing options on stickers that were not in cars, and
advertising false prices for bait and switch tactic among other business practices was just not right. No one present challenged me on this. He then walked away and I told him that I wanted to speak with the owner. He went to
the back, where I saw Mrs. L. Walking, and after he comes up to me and states that he is the General Manager and he is the one that makes decisions.

Bottom line, Jorge R. Mislead me to believe that I did not qualify for a new car loan that would allow me a $23,000
dollar purchase (more if I increased down payment), and several times denied me the ability to purchase new car from his employer after each of the times I stated my interest in the purchase of a new Malibu. $3,000 rebate amount was
forfeited and $19,150 ($22,150 TOTAL) I lost tied to a used car loan that is the same or about the same amount I would have spent on a new car loan, due to Jorge R.'s and Richard Lucas Chevrolet's business practices. As of today, my
economic loss is at least $400 for the time I have taken from work. At least an additional $4,500 will also be pat of my loss if dealer does not do right allowing me to purchase 2010 Malibu LT prior 04-30-10 which is the date GM
incentives end.

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Subject: Re: 72 months on $21,200 purchase price @6% Allow Subject

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Mr. Jorge Rios:

Per our conversation today, you spoke with CHASE representative today who did not approve us for a new car loan
using the numbers found below.

Original Message &

Received: Wed, 21 Apr 09:27: 29 AM EDT

From: "Angel L"


Subject: 72 months on $21,200
purchase price @6%

Loan Amount: $17,844.00

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Loan Term (months):

Total Loan Amount: $17,844.00

My Monthly Payment (tax included):

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Subject: How about CHASE on new for 18K amount? Allow Subject

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Received: Wed, 21 Apr 08:30: 43 AM EDT

From: "Angel L"


Subject: My score is now 682 &Run
GM again please

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Score Date: 04/10

Angel of Spotswood, NJ April 25,

Dealer is advertising consumer's cost of their vehicles listed as Certified Pre-Owned "selling price." Once the paperwork is presented, dealer then discloses that there is an additional fee for Certification and another for reconditioning, pointing to their fine print when asked about these additional fees. Lured in by what they advertise as "selling price" to later be
told other fees are added, seems to be bait and switch tactic.

Vehicle I bought is listed in Sales
Order as LT, expecting to have Satellite and On Star options as is included
with LT.

Unable to find radio last night after vehicle given prior signing of contract, I looked it up using the VIN of the car last night, seeing it in their CPO inventory, and vehicle was listed as having that option, at that time I also
realized vehicle is an LS model and not an LT as noted in our purchase order.

When asking about the Satellite Radio and On Star prior signing contract this morning, explaining I was unable to find it, was given instruction on how to activate satellite radio and to use the buttons on the rear view mirror for On
Star. Doing both, I find out vehicle does not have Satellite Radio nor On Star.

Returning car to George L this morning and explaining my frustration not only the surprise fees, but that it does not include Satellite Radio nor On Star, and according to terms that I read on purchasing certified Chevrolet Malibu
vehicles, I have the right to return the car within three days and 150 miles, as it is a customer satisfaction guarantee. George L state he would see what he can do about the Satellite Radio on Monday, and that there was nothing he could
do on the purchase of vehicle nor purchase price.

Was also told that I would qualify for GM credit with credit scores being in the 600s, and after being in dealer for 6 hours, was told that we did not qualify for GM credit nor certified vehicle purchase terms. Today I see that
when they submitted my employer information they only noted that I was self employed, and did not include that I worked for State of New Jersey. This was a joint application with my spouse whose employer was included, and mine simply
stated self employed as was part of my statement when also stating and noting on the employer information request sheet that I work for the State of New Jersey and there six years now.

I feel that omitting this employer makes a situation that I do not have stable employment, and possibly why GM
denied me for credit. CHASE Bank did provide me with credit after dealer contacted on my behalf.

Prior signing contract today, I pointed out to Finance Manager Jeff that the total we were paying for vehicle
summed up to same as if we were purchasing a new 2010 Malibu, factoring in the rebate available. Was told that I needed to qualify for those terms.

It was when I requested for a copy of credit report that I discovered employer was omitted. Nothing in writing was
provided either that GM denied us credit.

No reason why we had to be given CHASE for financing, and GM never received our credit application.
This is for a 2010 Malibu LS.


72 Month Traditional Finance

# 10-40ACA

General motors consumer cash program

APR & $3,000.00 Manufacturer's Allowance

From 04/06 To 04/30

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6.79% 6.79%
6.79% 6.79%
6.79% 6.79%

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$2,000.00 $2,000.00 $2,000.00 $2,000.00 $2,000.00

Angel of Spotswood, NJ April 17,

Offender: Richard Lucas Chevrolet

Country: USA   State: New Jersey   City: Avenel
Address: 1077 Route 1
Phone: 8665308991

Category: Cars & Transport


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