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Complaint / Review
Denny Offstein
Dont buy from him

Well we needed a new car ours was wrecked, husband hit a deer and the air bags were blown, we had only a certain amount of money, and were looking for a good running viechel! I had seen an ad in one the local papers that Denny Offstein has veicheals at good prices i havent hard anything bad about him so i gave him a call to see what he had and told him about our car and asked if he would take it for a trade in, well we went down there and looked and test drived a 91 exlporer, ran fine, had a weird noise comming from the tire, we told him and he had it fixed along with getting it alined, i asked all the normal qusetions, and he said" i qurantee that nothing is wrong with this car, and knowing that you have small children riding in it, i want it to be safe and nothing was wrong and that if i sold bad cars i wouldnt have this busness and if i sold bad cars it would give me a bad name and i dont want a bad name" well he lied to us about everything, said that he just had the oil changed, well it wasnt, when we had it done cuz the check oil light came on, it was black as tar, the rocker pannell is so rusted that u can put ur hand in the hole and it has sharp edges, we had to have the brake lines replace, starter, fuel pump, gas tank tightened (was leaking gas) its leaking oil, had to buy new tires (even tho he said the ones he gave us were new and they werent they were bad) he had 2 studed tires put on and they werent even on the right end of the car, had to have the one tire's vilve replaced, and we were told that the timeing belt was off and needs fixed! We have turned him to the bbb, he sent us a card for jiffy lube and @50 for the loss of gas, but hasnt sent us anything for the repairs, i have sent him several copys of the bills, all we want him to do is at least repay half, thats all we are asking. When i got the report from the bbb that he has sent them he tryed to make him self look good, by trying to make us look bad with the car that we traded in, we had told him several times that it was wrecked and the only thing that we knew of was the air bags and it was no longer safe thats why we needed a new one, and he went on to say that there were several problems with it but hey, like i said i didnt know, and he also tryed to make him self look good by adding flyers from when he does his bike rodeo here in town, well personaly, after buying a car from him that turned out like it is, i wouldnt trust him fixing bikes and putting my children on it.
We paid 2,700 for it and so far since feb 8 we have put a total of 848 in to fixing this car and we have yet more to get fixed!

My advice DONT go to Denny Offstein's to get a car/truck/kids bike

Offender: Denny Offstein

Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania   City: Butler
Address: 415 Hazel Ave

Category: Cars & Transport


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