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Complaint / Review
Flemings Ultimate Garage (Tony Fleming Owner)
Fraud's, Liars, Cheaters Scam artist

I purchased a car two months ago from Trey Watkins who represents the internet sales for Tony Fleming and Regie Haug General Manager.

In early August I comunicated with Mr. Watkins, who presented a 1965 Fastback. Photo's were sent from every angle inside and out. The car's photo's looked great, I had some detailed requests which was information on the recently rebuilt engine, such as who did it where and how many miles on rebuild. Second request was photo's of underside front, back, middle, trunck lower corners, door lowers and the third. Pour water down the cowl tell me if the water goes inside the car or out the sides as it should. The last one I clearly defined I do not want the car if the cowl is rusted out and leaks in the car. I was sent all photos requested promptly, along with a photo of a garden hose pouring water in the cowl and a email reported back all good no leaks from the cowl inside the car. When that was said great I purchased the car. The car arrived and as the transport driver started the car up backed it up on the 2nd level. So exciting to finally see the car, but soon as the car went from the 2nd level to the ground it was over heating. Very odd for a recently rebuilt engine! So then the troubles started, at that point it was down hill. The hood was up and I gave it the once over looking at the engine. Number eight cyliner spark plug not connected (rough idle) the electric fan never kicked on. Then I went in to the car sat down in the drivers seat and looked. I first looked to see the temp on the engine, the temp gauge didn't work. Shocking, then I looked at all the gauges none worked. Zero worked. Prior to shipping the car I was told the car did not have a "speedo" cable? that should of stopped everything now why would a car on your lot ready to sell listed on web not have a cable. We will get back to that?

Looking at the dash and all of the electrical to make it simple to understand! only two things worked! the head lights and the starter. Nothing else worked!!! Nothing.. no running lights, no tail lights, no brake lights, no blinkers "ZERO". One would ask how do you sell such a car locally or nationwide.

I then tested the cowl, I poured a half cup of water on the passenger side from a red solo cup into the cowl. I was sitting in the passenger seat. I had a friend pour the water in while I video taped him doing this. As the water went in I panned down to the inside of the car. I placed "white" paper towels down so you can see the water hit and be soaked up. The car has a black carpert for video sake it was very clear. Soon as the water poured out of the solo cup I panned down to the floor inside. WATER!!! everywhere. As a person who has experience with these cars, this means the cowl is completely rusted through. I was very clear I do not want a car with this rusted through cowl. Yet Mr. Trey Watkins and his manager Regie Hauge who performed the water test at Flemings Ultimate Garage made the decision to send me a photo with email telling me all is good. Complete lies from the begining!

Now fast forward Mr. Hauge and I speak he understands that situation, they make arrangements to have the car picked up. The agreement set forth pick the car up refund my money I'll fly out and see if there is another car to buy. I was very clear I wanted to make sure one I'm not being held hostage secondly if there is no car of interest I am not comitted to do anything. Reasonable and fair.

Since this time they have taken the car back have my money and are not willing to refund my money. They are demanding I take another car. Frankly speaking the car never transfered title, I was never sent the title I have nothing in my name. They try to site the "as is " purchase, however when the lied and defrauded me over state lines, the state I'm in has some very clear laws.

I will revise this complaint as it changes, I have turned this over to the district attorneys office to help pursue across state lines. Additionally I have contacted the local paper where Flemings is, they are conducting there investigations about the complaints they have read online. A local article will be published soon showing the photo they sent to me and the photo's that I took when I received the car.

If you are considering purchasing from this company I would highly look at the details and go see the car. They will lie and do whatever it takes to make the sale even deceive you as to the true condition. They claim on many of there cars "world Class" restorations, however they have no experience in this area. There's a body shop down the street they work with. The definition of restoration is up for grabs, having restored cars myself they are basically hacks all of them. I say this after seeing how they tried to cover up the cowl rust, underneath the dash they tried to put in JB weld (expoxy) they dabbed it in to a number of areas's thinking this would stop the weld. However in the case of a rusty cowl those are just the areas you see. The larger damage of rust is in the vent area where you can get to it. Unless you drill out over 350 spot welds on top remove the windshield and fenders and cut out the rust (cancer) .

They are not at all honorable and are not to be trusted.


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