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Complaint / Review
Florida Technical College
Lies and Scams

First, let me say that as soon as Florida Technical College gets you in the door, it's over with. They already have your money. They lie to you as soon as you sit down, it begins. They let you know that you attending this particular college is the best move in your career that you could ever make. The idea of you possibly thinking it over is something that doesn't exist. For if you were to leave without signing it would be the worse mistake that you could ever do. The reason being is that the school is filling up rapidly and that there are just so many seats available. If you had the thought of coming back later you would miss out on getting morning classes. They would tell you that because of the rapid response of attending this college they lowered the initial cost and if you hesitate you would probably get all afternoon and evening courses. Furthermore, the opportunity of you starting off in particular classes you won't get because classes are filling up so fast. Because of the hesitation of you as a student signing the classes you need. To start with won't begin to the following semester or even the semester following that one. To recieve all the benefits you need to sign up now, not tomorrow.
They made promises that before you graduate that the school will have you working with there great job placement program and that this college is the best to start at. Especially if you plan on continuing your education. Because they will help you get into the next college since all the credits are transferable. My daughter Monique Terrelonge, who attended the college and graduated with me found out the hard way. Not one credit was transferable and we both supposedly had a 4.0 GPA. They made you feel like if you didn't sign up now you were making the biggest mistake of your life. It was if they strapped you down in the chair and you weren't leaving until you signed.
They told you several times that the classes were filling up rapidly, after the first week you realized that classes weren't even a 1/4 full not even 1/2 full. In fact the first week the college didn't even have books. To make things even worse, while attending FTC I studied Computer Technology. I had already received my A+ certification on Computers from another college. So I already knew most of the fundamentals of computers. Studying computers you need to be able to open a computer and be familiar with the parts that make a computer work. There wasn't even one screwdriver in the class, which is needed to take off the front panel. I'm the student Neil Terrelonge that opened his mouth to the dean so that every student should have their very own toolkit. Nothing big, some screwdrivers, tweezers, a very small socket set. After I spoke up every student thinking of studying Computers will receive their own toolkit, of course the College used this as another selling device in order for you to sign up. When you receive the toolkit you realize a $10.00 item that you can get at any flea market.
My daughter Monique Terrelonge and I realized what a big mistake was made and wanted to stop going to school there, wanted to transfer to another school. We were told that we couldn't and we would loose all our money only after a week of attending at FTC.
My daughter and I just decided to make the best out of it and do what we had to do. Any good professor that the College had were soon released for some reason. My daughter and I continued even though we didn't like attending the College with so many fake smiles and bullshit that kept surfacing. My daughter and I graduated with honors, till this day August 10, 2016, we haven't received a message or letter with concern towards our certificates. At this time we don't want anything from that so-called College. We feel as though that was part of our life we would rather forget about.
It's a College that traps people with all kinds lies and promises that as soon as you sign the paper to pay the College the nightmare begins and you can't wait to wake up; but then it continues to haunt you, cause as soon as you are done they come for their money immediately. The Job Placement is a total dream, cause it never happens.
The so-called College should of been closed and sued for wasting two years or more of people's lives and putting people in debt for receiving a two year education that they never got. It was a place to go to get out of the rain.

Offender: Florida Technical College

Country: USA   State: Florida   County: Orange   City: Orlando   ZIP: 32826
Address: 12900 Challenger Pkwy
Phone: 4074477300   Fax: 4074477301

Category: Career & Work


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