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Geico Car Insurance

My family has 3 cars: A Jeep and two Toyota Camry's. We had a 1998 Jeep Grande Cherokee/Laredo, a 1999 Toyota Camry and a 1991 Toyota Camry. Those are the 3 cars that Geico had VIN numbers for for our policy we had with them during the past 2 years. We had to go a couple of months without insurance due to some unexpected car repair expenses on our Jeep. When I called to get the insurance back again I only started with the Jeep to make it affordable. I called them in September to add the 1999 Toyota Camry. I did not add the 1991 Toyota Camry at this time because we had sold it. So now we only needed 2 cars covered. I called October to report a glass claim on the 1999 Camry. They had me fax the Bill of Sale. I had to fax it 3 times and follow up with them with no one calling me. They never could find it. I called almost once a week throughout the rest of October and into November. Finally in November, I got someone to talk to me and they told me they could not cover the claim because the car was not covered in October. I told them I had added the car in September and they got really flustered trying to explain to me what had happened, but simply could not justify it with me and said someone would call me to go over it with me. I received a letter in the mail telling me it wasn't covered the following week and I made several more calls to try to follow up and dispute it. I finally received a message on my machine from the claims dept saying they were returning my call and the claim had been closed/unpaid. I tried to follow up to dispute the unpaid claim and I had to leave several messages with several different people over the course of the month of November getting no resolve. I can't tell you how many times I had to explain step by step what had happend to so many people. We then purchased a 2002 Toyota Camry in December. When I called Geico to add the 2002 Camry they communicated to me that they had made an error and had not added my sons car in September when I had called in, but said since it was their error they would add it immediately and back date it to cover anything. They said I would get a slight increase on my next bill to cover the driver (my son) because they had billed me for my son's car (even though their records said they didn't add it). They said they would only be billing me for him as the driver since we had only been paying for his car and not him the driver, but they would also back date him covered as the driver to cover anything. Confusing huh? Are you lost yet? They made such a mess of this. However, this helped me to figure out this as the reason why they were not covering the glass claim and saying the car was not covered. I then went back to the phone trying to get this resolved again and over the course of January, Febuary, March and April tried to get this taken care of. Meanwhile the small fly size glass claim split across the entire front windshield of my son's Camry which now the entire window had to be replaced. On Saturday April 18th, I thought I was finally speaking with a competent customer rep. She explained to me (and you're not going to believe this) that our 1991 Camry was still on our policy and the 1999 Camry had never been added. They added the wrong Camry back when I called in Sept!!! My son had been driving around with no insurance and we had been paying on a car we no longer owned!!! She added it immediately and dropped the other Camry and said she would send it to underwriting to get them to back date it to cover the claim. She promised me I would get a call that week on a decision and that she would personally follow up on it herself. The following Saturday April 25th I was not happy when I had to call back in because no one had followed up with me and even though I had threatened this before, I meant it this time. If they did not fix this today and resolve it I was canceling my policy and going with another company. I already had a quote and was ready to make the switch. The customer rep spoke to her supervisor (and would not get a supervisor on the phone for me though) and said they had agreed to back date it to keep my business. However, she said it would be $218 so it would be cheaper for me just to replace the windshield myself!!! Unbelievable!!! I asked her what it would have cost me to replace the windshield originally in October when I had called in the claim if the car would have been covered without their error. She said nothing. I then told her that was my point, and that I should be paying nothing now because it was their error and the amount of time and long period of unresolved issue over the course of 6 months was ridiculous and that was the least they could do. So I told her as I hung up the phone to tell her supervisor they had just lost a customer!!! I then called the other insurance company and within minutes had my 3 cars covered and they emailed me the cards. I then called GEICO back and canceled my policy and of course the person asked me why I was canceling and I said poor customer service. She asked if the other insurance company I was switching to was lower than GEICO and I said yes. She then asked if I would like to give them the rates so they could lower my rates in order to keep me as a customer. I told her to take a few minutes and read my file and she would realize the reason I was canceling was not due to price. She then apologize and said maybe they could offer me better customer service in the future if I ever returned to GEICO... I told her it was highly unlikely... F

Offender: Geico Car Insurance

Country: USA

Category: Business & Finance


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