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Complaint / Review
Direct Express Debit Card Services
Commerica Bank Denied my legitimate dispute claim citing the thiefs response to them

A small merchant in Falls Church, VA. Called MARYLAND HYDROPONICS, defrauded me of $209.79. I noticed the unauthorized charge on my debit card the day after it was made.

I immediately called Direct Express and told them what happened. I called MARYLAND HYDROPONICS and they denied any charge was placed on my debit card. Of course I was looking at my online statement showing that they did indeed to it. So I was told to send Direct Express a letter disputing the charge and how it occurred.

I wrote the letter but I didn't have any real evidence to prove they did it. I was in the store and made a legitimate purchase 16 minutes before they used my card information to steal my funds. After I left that store someone from MARYLAND HYDROPONICS charged my debit card -without my authorization - $209.79.

In my letter to Direct Express I made this abundantly clear. I was not in their store at the time the charge was made. I sent a copy of the authorized transaction with the letter. I sent them a copy of an email from MARYLAND HYDROPONICS denying that any charge was made to my account.

So today I find out that my claim is denied! What?! How can that be? I explained everything to the dispute resolution department in crystal clear terms.

It turns out they called MARYLAND HYDROPONICS who told the dispute that I had an ongoing contractual obligation with them. WAIT! Did the debit card people ask for proof? No, why should they it's not their money. So they denied my dispute claim based on the word of the same people that originally stole my money to begin with.

If the police operated using the same logic, our jails and prisons would be empty. Asking the perpetrator of the crime IF they committed a crime will always invoke a series of LIES!

I have gone to the Attorney General's office of my state. I've contacted the Federal Trade Commssion to report both parties involved in this mess. Both are criminally negligent!

If more people followed up with reporting the banks that screw them we wouldn't be having all the problems with them in the first place. But you people that let banks deny your claims and you just let them get away with it are simply perpetuating the problem. They have no reason to stop stealing from their customers.

REPORT YOUR BANK if you your dispute is denied. Legitimate claims should be fully and competently investigated by your bank or debit card company's REGULATION E department.

Offender: Direct Express Debit Card Services

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: San Antonio
Address: PO Box 245998
Phone: 8887411115

Category: Business & Finance


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