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This company is run by idiots

This is a copy of a letter I faxed to CitiFinancial on 5/5/08:

To: Research Dept.

@ fax no. 469-220-2809

CitiFinancial Mortgage


The CitiFinancial phone representative I spoke with two weeks ago suggested that I send an explanatory fax to the CitiFinancial Research Dept. I am doing so in the hopes that this payment problem can be resolved. I had previously faxed a similar packet such as this to CitiFinancial on 4/2/08, to a number given to me by a CitiFinancial phone rep, only to learn later that the fax was never received. Read this carefully and completely please. And then do give me the courtesy of acknowledging by phone or e-mail that you have received this fax.

The background of this issue is as follows:

As you can examine from our payment history, we usually send you two checks to cover the monthly payment (usually $3688.82), one from myself and one written by my wife, Susan, $2360 and $1360 respectively. See Exhibit A attached which is a copy from our payment history from the CitiFinancial website to see that this is the case, e.G. Posts of 5/02/08,3/31/08,12/31/07,12/05/07,10/27/07, etc.

With our return portion of the statement dated 1/12/08, we sent two checks as always (my check #398 and my wife’s check #1991). However, on the 2/9/08 statement (Exhibit B attached), it showed a payment due of $7377.64. It showed a payment received of $2360 (my check #398; also shown as cashed on 2/4/08 on my checking account transaction history, see Exhibit C). My wife’s payment is not shown on the CitiFinancial statement at all. I immediately phoned CitiFinancial that day and asked what was going on. The rep said that my wife’s check probably got lost at CitiFinancial and could have been shredded.

I then wrote a letter to CitiFinancial dated 2/23/08 explaining the situation (see attached Exhibit D). I stated that with our 2/9/08 payment stub we would send checks of $2360 and $2720 in order to cover the lost check for the previous statement and to cover the next payment. You can see that you received the checks in our payment history (Exhibit A, posted 2/26/08). I also instructed CitiFinancial not to cash check #1991 should they find it. We thought that would be the end of it.

Much to our dismay, on the 3/12/08 statement (see attached Exhibit E), it still showed a payment due of $7377.64 and showed no payments posted, even though the payment history shows them posted on 2/26/08. I called CitiFinancial again but got an incompetent representative who could not understand the situation, much less resolve it.

My wife and I were doubly disturbed when she got her checking account statement, and it showed that check #1991 was in fact cashed on 2/5/08 by CitiFinancial (see attached cancelled check #1991, Exhibit F).

Ever since the 2/9/08 statement, we have been getting harassing letters and phone calls from CitiFinancial Collections reps, asking us to resolve our delinquent account. Our account has never been delinquent. We went out of way to try to remediate the situation by sending you extra money in February to make up the deficit. CitiFinancial has been negligent in crediting our account with payments that they have received.

Basically, CitiFinancial now has an additional payment of $1360 which we had remitted in good faith because we thought CitiFinancial had lost check #1991.

We want:

1. A refund of the extra $1360 payment that CitiFinancial now holds

2. A waiver of any late fees or penalties imposed on our account

3. Cessation of nuisance form letters & phone calls from the Collections Dept

4. Revocation of any reports of bad credit issued to any of the major credit reporting services

If CitiFinancial wishes to contact me, I can be reached at 415-XXX-XXXX (c). I would appreciate at least an acknowledgment of receipt of this fax.


Gary Schoofs

Readers, I'll be lucky to get the acknowledgement!!

Offender: CitiFinancial

Country: USA

Category: Business & Finance


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