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Certegy/Federal National Informational Cervices
Certegy Harassed, money withdrawn from my account, poor business practices Tampa Florida

On March 31st a withdrawal (ACH) was taken from my bank account by Go I had been receiving letters from GoDaddy for weeks. For renewal and I threw them out because I didnt want a renewal. So when it came in, I refused it. I get a letter from Certegy 10-12 days later, the letter was dated April 6th, but I assume held for bulk mailing. That I was a victum of internet crime. So I call them and ask "What is this about?"

They said it was for the Go Daddy transaction. First of all I had no clue CERTEGY was involved and if I did, I would not have dealt with this merchant. I was a victum of the certegy data breach and it cost me plenty to change bank accounts and try and protect my name, and records.including 12.95 a month to a credit monitoring agency to make sure that my credit history was not compromised.

So 12 days after the fact, I call Go Daddy. They practically laugh at me because they said " 5 days has passed - we got our money from Certegy and its your problem". So I call back Certegy, now they want to tack a 25.00 service charge on top of the 42.09 - but when the found out it was Go Daddy they removed it as obviously they have had many issues with this vendor. So I say OK. I didnt know how the banking thing worked and that you took money from my account (and I wasnt doing business with you nor would I) and gave your money to Go Daddy so now I owe you. I just wanted this off my back. So I said okay just pay it. I get passed around to multiple people. None of whom had any infro from the previous one. So obviously for a company this big they have not heard of "real time" data entry.

So - I am forced to call back 2 days later when thier data should reach the payment center. So. Not I call back 3 days later. And I get someone and I say - look - just take it out cause 42.09 isnt worth my time and aggravation. So I said DONT take it out of Go daddy as they have been blocked from my account.

Now several days later. Another ACH comes in which my bank immediately refused because it was from GO DADDY instead of Certegy. Now I have no clue WHO is trying to access my bank and withdraw money - Certegy or Go Daddy. Call them immediately and they have no clue what is going on. They say to me " Oh it says you paid it". I said well I have no clue who got refused as I told you NOT to take it out under GoDADDY. So. They tell me I got to call back several days later.

This morning I get a call from payment collection from Certegy for the 42.09 for Go Daddy and find myself starting all over again. As this person had no info. I said I just want to get you out of my hair. I told you NOT to take it out under GODADDY. And why dont you people have updated infomation as I called serveral days earlier. This has been an aggravating mess.

1. Certedy needs to learn how to do better infomation management. No one seems to have any updated information.
2. Consumers should be made aware that this hidden middleman stands between them and the merchant. If they decide they want to refuse the transaction. Their debt is not to Certegy = not to the vendor.
3. I contacted my bank and requested they hand out fact sheets for customers when they want to refuse an ACH so they know who they are actually refusing it to. And what could happen. First recourse is to go back to the vendor and get them to remove it. If they wont - the consumer is screwed.
4. Certegy needs to respond in a more timely manner when transactions are refused. Imagine my SHOCK when I see something from this company again. I WOULD not knowingly deal with Certegy ever due to the data breach and pain they caused me before.
5. Merchants that use Certegy need to POST it in plain view so that consumers know there data is being sent off to an unknown entity - not just to the merchant they are dealing with. Consumers are flying blind - and their confidential info is being sent to a company who cant seem to not only control the security of thier data, but also who can not seem to do proper business and keep accurate records.

I understand companies like Bed Bath and Beyond, Circuit City, and Walmart all use Certegy. My suggestion to consumers. Is use a debit card or use cash. Do not write checks to businesses who use Certedy. Thank GOD my problem is for 42.09.. What if it were for 700.00 or more?

I understand many complaints have been lodged against this company - OH and by the way... I was refused a check cash at Circuit City. As I had no clue for 14 days what in the world was happening without my knowledge.

I never gave Certegy the premission to take money from my account. I end up having to deal with a company I would never KNOWINGLY deal with.

So. Off I go to the bank to get a certified check for 42.09 to get this company out of my life - I will NEVER write a check to a company using fact I am banning any buying the stores who use them.


Offender: Certegy/Federal National Informational Cervices

Country: USA   State: Nationwide

Category: Business & Finance


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