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Complaint / Review
Barclays Bank
Juniper First they give you their card then they take it away for no good reason

Ok here is the story of why you should not get a Barclays Rewards Platinum MasterCard.

Last year in 2012 they sent me numerous credit card offers saying I was pre-selected. Then they decline me everytime. And this card is for re-building credit. Yet they say I have don't have enough established credit history. DUH is that not what this card is for in their so called offer for re-building credit? Well I talked to the so called credit dept and they told me they need to see 6 more months of credit history and at that point last year I had 5 Capital One accounts which I've been trying to get them to combine them into one account but they won't anymore but I don't care because they are decent compared to Barclays credit cards.

Well anyway I get an offer pre-selected again 6 months to the date they told me but they didn't offer me the same old offer of 6 months intro APR of 0% like the origional. So I applied and I got approved for a low limit $500 Platinum MasterCard. With 24.99% APR. I was actually surprised because their lowest limit is $250. Big deal wow now of days what can one do with that? But $500 I considered half way decent. So I used this card and paid it off 5 times within 1 month. I have many credit cards. I just got approved for a $4000 Sears Platinum MasterCard from Citi Bank. So I called up and requested a credit line increase and they go and close my account after a review of my credit. No notice, no anything. This was my main card of use for rewards points. Its a card for bad credit people. My credit is considered fair-good Fico scores in 630-690 range over the 3 bureaus and on the other credit scores I'm considered fair-good credit if I wasn't I would of got a $4000 sears card from Citi now would of I? What Barclays did was just close my account because of some credit info? I don't know what changed since November. Sears card isn't even on my credit yet. I'm like you people are so retarded the way they conduct their business. I don't know what their excuse is but I'm so fed up with this company I had a dispute going on with 2 different charges from this other company that is giving me trouble. Try searching for Avast credit monitoring and you will see my other report. Its like I keep getting screwed by these companies... I don't have maxed out credit cards. I pay my balances off in full. I carry 4 balances on 4 of my 10 credit card which are major and store cards. I pay those $100 each on little balances of $330-$380 on each one of those accounts..

My message to barclays is they can shove their card where the sun don't shine and they can keep their 24.99% APR and rediculus credit terms they have for such low limit cards which they are rediculus. They treat it is if it was like an American Express account which I had 6 of them before I filed Bankruptcy in 2009 because my business went under and it wasn't incorporated. I never filed Bankruptcy on Amex but they won't ever give someone with a bankruptcy a credit card neither will discover card finacial. I surprised Citi did but they have a 3 -4 year cut off time after the bankruptcy is discharged they don't hold it against you according to what they're top people told me.

To me I wish there was a lawyer who would go after these thieves for rediculus market practices saying their cards are for re-building credit and they later on 1-2 months later give you the shaft... Very misleading advertising... And their minimum interest charge is $2.00 what a rip off.

Stay away from Juniper/Barclays you'll be glad you did. Chase is a good company they said we will take you back after we see a few years of good credit history and this new $4000 card will do just that after 5-7 years along with the others.

I will note I have alot of credit inquiries but they are not concerned with that its somekind of other issue. I was credit card shopping not in financial despair like some creditors will think.

I'm waiting on their so called letter telling me the reason but I'm calling their credit and presidents office tomorrow and tell them about all the troubles their customer service gave me and their supervisors and how they just closed my card without any notice or anything... I went into the store to use it and I was declined for the charge. I felt so embarrassed... So I pulled my new Sears card and used it. Screw you Barclays I take my business and good payment history to someone else! People I hope you do the same.

Offender: Barclays Bank

Country: USA   State: Delaware   City: Wilmington
Address: PO Box 8801
Phone: 18669288598

Category: Business & Finance


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