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Really stupid people
False charity

Sandy springs, ga. — A tip from a Sandy Springs woman who complained she was the victim of a door-to-door scam may have uncovered a scam that has been duping people across the country. Beth McCluskey said she felt ashamed when she found out she was conned by a man who came to her door July 11,2011. But when she found out he ...

Darque Tan Advertising
Nudity on Billboard

I was driving north on I-45 north freeway. I saw a billboard with a nude woman humping a Darque Tan symbol. I think the public should have the right to decide if they want to see nudity. Those rights have been taken away from us by these obscene billboards. Freedom of expression does not mean that one person's expressions can ...

Elizabeth Smart Jaycee Dugard
Victims or Idiots

Check out Erica Pratt!!! A 7 year old black girl who escaped from a basement after being bound by duct tape on her hands, feet and mouth. She chewed through the duct tape to return home safely after only one day. At 7 she found her way home. Elizabeth Smart, 14 was held at knife point for 10 minutes but hung out for 9 months. ...


There is much written on ABI Art and Rick Hancock. This company owes me for 3 Joan Miro pieces. I was roped into this because Kristen Lanctot did sell the first Miro artwork I sent. I was paid for that one piece in 2009. Then a year later they asked me for 3 more Miros... So I sent them. I have been taken for $10,500. The ...