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Robb Conover
Stole my money

48 days later, no painting and no refund. The painting was already completed but I never received it. I did however receive threats. here is the most recent email i sent Mr. Conover... if anyone wants to see copies of his messages I will be happy to send them to you... Good Morning Mr. Conover, I would like to give you a ...

Fine Art Liquidators
Starving Artist Scam

Jim Stringer from Houston Texas has complaints going back to 2011 under Starving Artist. Now he has upgraded his name to Fine Art Liquidators - 2016. Same glitzy TV commercials and same lame products. I have heard that he owes a great deal of money to a local TV company as well as several local hotels. How can this fool ...


Gabe Torres is ALL TALK and no action. He has not paid me for several websites that I proofed and wrote. He talks a big game about his business booming and needs more content writers yet, he has not paid me and it's been months! Every time I touch base with him demanding payment, he gives me a sob story of all his life ...

Plagiarist-Internet and e-mail voyeur- on-line stalker/ADDED MALWARE TO MY COMPUTER BY EMAIL- and telephone wiretapper

Friday, December 2, 2011 11:08 AM From: This sender is DomainKeys verified Lorie Ann Jermoune View contact details To: [email protected] Cc: Lorie Ann Jermoune Message contains attachments 1 File (16KB) 10 milliondollarslorieannjermoune.odt Fw: Here is MY $10, 000, 000 Commentary/endorsement writing request ...