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Bulldogs R US
Michael is a liar like Robin

Michael who is supposedly Robin's "husband" a lawyer said he wanted to make things right for myself and Linda because he knew we had reasons to complain because of what Robin has done to us. What a LIAR. I can post or show anyone who wants to see the emails he had emailed me. What a liar because we were ALL trying to come to a ...

Banfield Pet Hospital
Ringworms and mange

My children and I shopped at a Lowe's store in Houston, TX and a what appeared to be a kitten kept coming up to us and rubbing our legs. Being gaunt from malnourishment and dehydration, we elected to bring the kitty home. That evening, the kitten had diarrhea and we knew to take her in right away for a sick appointment instead ...

Resolution to any valid complaints

Hello, This is Michael and Robin Schulder. We would just like to enclose a brief summary regarding breed determination. And I would like anyone that believes that they have a valid claim to contact me as I would like to help reach a fair decision in seeing that everyone is happy. We would like to resolve 3 disputes, here on ...

Bulldogsrus should be ashamed!

I trust that the poper agencies, puppy registration and anyone else that you no affiliated with Bulldgosrus have been notified. The pissing contest between all of you is not going to help, you need to place it in the hands of the right people that will shut her down and they will. It happened to me with my so called persian cat ...

Bulldogs R US
This company is nothing but a scam!

Every one needs to Stay AWAY from Bulldogs R Us. Robin shoulder also known as Robin Reich. Here's a tid bit of info, when there is a problem she will threaten to sue you because her husband is an "attorney" PERRY REICH. Google him. What she doesn't say is that he is in jail for FRAUD. Did you really think we would not find out ...