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Complaints, reviews, scams and fraud reports

Gemstone Shelties
Disreputable breede

I purchased a puppy from Gemstone Shelties on July 30th, 2006. I had been looking for a Sheltie for some time. The website portrayed pride and integrity. We discovered that the entire operation is driven by greed and money and absolutely no empathy for animals. They lied to me about a number of things. Example: When I noticed ...

Bulldogs R US
Beware of BulldogsRUs!

I went to a breeders site which is NOW called BulldogsRUs. I asked if they sold mini english bulldogs. We have heard about this type of breed they are smaller than the regular english bulldogs which are 50-60lbs male and 40-50lbs for female give or take a little. Robin said they DID and emailed me a bunch pictures of puppies ...

Animal Hospital - Dr. Ron's
Poor service!

Dr. Ron Resnic, Dr. Ron's animal hospital in Semi Valley. Poor Service, Rude employee's, Price unfairly charged. I needed to bring my bulldog in for cherry eye. My first mistake was not driving down to Riverside to see a vet that came highly recommended. I asked around and a friend said her sister goes locally to Dr. Ron. She ...

FIP Cat Breeders/Catteries
Do NOT buy from them!

Below is a list of breeders who purchased directly from the FIP infected Lollimops cattery. These breeders are using FIP infected stock in their breeding programs today [1st, 2nd & 3rd generations. For your own peace of mind, do not buy from any of these breeders. FIP Breeders/Catteries do not buy from them: Breeders Name ...