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Complaints, reviews, scams and fraud reports

Tried to buy my silence!

Michael Schulder or Robin Schulder made me a settlement offer to put an end to all of this. It's been over two months since this started and they are still stalling. I'm now taking them to court to get ALL the money I'm out with the cost of the TWO messed up dogs they sent us. The little $500 they offered but never sent, is ...

Numerous complaints about Banfield!

Where do I begin. We began our vaccinations with Banfield and we had to go back a few times until they were complete. As the weeks went on I noticed that our dog had extremely bad flatulence and acne, it was laughable at first but I became worried as this was not a good sign for his intestines. I brought this to the attention ...

Bulldogs R US
Michael is a liar like Robin

Michael who is supposedly Robin's "husband" a lawyer said he wanted to make things right for myself and Linda because he knew we had reasons to complain because of what Robin has done to us. What a LIAR. I can post or show anyone who wants to see the emails he had emailed me. What a liar because we were ALL trying to come to a ...