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Question about huge Cingular bill

Here's the condensed version. Mom, Dad and I share an account. Our bill has always hovered around $150. Last month, darling teenage daughter began sneaking my cell out of my room and ran up around $2000 in charges, above and beyond the 5000 minutes we get with the plan. Yes, that's two grand. Yes, we owe it. It is a legit debt. ...

Overcharging for text messages

If you have signed up for Blackberry bundled data service, you may have also inadvertently allowed t-mobile to charge you for e-mail alerts in form of internal t-mobile text messages at. 10C per alert. Each time you would receive an e-mail, Blackberry's in-box will show you that e-mail. Duplicating this process, T-Mobile than ...

AirTel's lousy service

I bought AirTel Pre-Paid phone, and it didn't get activated for three days, in spite of me calling everyday, and those folks offering an excuse that activation may take up to 24 hours (first day), 48 hours (second day) and 72 hours (third day). Then I finally went to the shop from where I had got the phone, got a contact to ...