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LA Fitness
Inappropriate behavior at LA Fitness!

This morning, as I was working out on one of those hamstring machines that has you lying on your stomach, face forward and raising the weights with your ankles, a personal trainer approaches me from behind, puts his hand on my back and tells me that this position is exposing me, that I should preserve my dignity and there are ...

LA Fitness
LA Fitness membership cancellation cheating!

I've read nightmare stories about canceling LA Fitness memberships. At first I could not understand why people were having such a hard time canceling their memberships. Its as simple as filling out a form, placing it in an envelope, throwing a stamp on it and dropping it in the box. Approx. 3 weeks after doing so, I have not ...

Made In Sport
Their refund practice is hopeless

I ordered three Tour de France jerseys during the 2005 Tour and each was roughly half the size one would have expected. I returned them all. They were intended for my two grandsons and me. There then followed months of e-mails and faxes concerning the method of refund. I had to provide bank numbers for international payments, ...