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Complaint / Review
Glenn J. Niemela
He's a scam artist and steals from his clients while doing nothing to help them with their case except charge them fees at absurd hourly rates

Glenn John Niemela claims to to be an attorney specializing in civil and commercial litigations. However what He really specializes in is scamming people. He's a professional crook and he should be in jail.

Here is a list: charging clients (friends of mine) ridiculous amounts of overages in fees, overtime charges for when his secretary works after hours, photocopies at. 50 cent a page and make 2500 copies, charge you every time he makes a call and doesn't get a hold of you and keep doing so until he's racked up 3 hrs of attempted phone calls at 350$ per hour.

He claims to do "Legal searches" but doesn't even bring the case to court. I am talking Federal court case amounts. Hundreds of thousands of dollars taken and no one knows where it goes.

He also purposefully mis calculates hours which he ends up charging several thousand dollars more than he should and his clients never get their money back.

I've looked up his history. Niemela has done this every time to previous clients and I'm pissed that he's getting away with it still.

He has 23 of his own personal cases where he's been charged for not paying credit institutions, banks and other business institutions, his own mortgage, car and fails to report taxes and not claiming what he charges in taxes to his clients. He's a thief and a crook! He's steals from innocent people he vows to help and steals from the Government without a second thought about the consequences.

Any contract or agreement to charge his rates he adds a clause saying he's allowed to increase his hourly rate at any given time and if you don't pay he will immediately stop working with you. This is total thievery.

Honestly, Niemela makes me sick to my stomach. He knows exactly what he's doing. Once he steals from you, you'll never be able to get a hold of him except for his secretary who will tell you he's not in his office or in a business meeting. You may leave a voicemail but there's no point as you'll never hear from him again.

He's ignored his court hearing dates, the BC Law Society, CRA, any trials against him and the judgements made against him are pretty much a worthless piece of paper because he hasn't paid what he owes to anyone.

DO NOT sign any contracts to hire any services from Glenn J. Niemela as he's committed fraud and has a history of stealing his clients money and premeditatedly does so without any guilt or care in the world for anyone but HIMSELF.

He should be stripped of his title as an attorney at law as he defiles the system and the profession used to help others to help himself.

For a man getting away with violating every law and not doing his due diligence to the clients he represents Niemela should be removed from his so called profession.

I SERIOUSLY advise working with Glenn Niemela. He's the last person anyone should choose to represent them in any matter. I wish I had known so my friends didn't get robbed by him. After 4 years, they are still fighting to get their money back. He's a crook and he knows it.

I hope you find this information helpful and save yourself the trouble of being robbed by this terrible person.
Spread the word. This man needs to be taken down.

Offender: Glenn J. Niemela

Country: USA   State: British Columbia   City: Vancouver
Address: 1010-1188 Georgia St W
Phone: 6046897799

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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