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Jason Cane

I work at a bikini barista and met this guy and we began dating. The relationship seemed weird because he always said he had to work or be out of town. He brought me back to his house one time and i noticed pictures of a woman and he told me that it was his sister that had passed away. I later ...
Consumer Report

Like the others, I was asked to answer three questions. Then, I was told that I would be called in a few days about a free cruise. It's not free, you need to pay $118 right then, and then you get dropped off in the Bahamas, where you pay for your own expenses. They can't tell you how much it will ...

Express Pardons
Consumer Report

I called the company and gave them the info they required for a U.S. Travel waiver. Then my credit card number. I was promised a package would arrive in the mail within 5-7 business days. It has been almost a month and nothing. All attempts to reach them have been unsuccessful. And now I see they ...

Speedy PC Pro
Consumer Report

I ordered speedy pc pro because it kept popping up to check my comp there were performance issues with my comp. I ran the scan it said to fix then it said I had too many issues to fix that I had to fix for free I had to buy it. So I bought it ran it nothing changed. But my comp started to be ...